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AHIMA Code of Ethics Critique

The AHIMA Code of Ethics is extremely necessary because of the following reasons: First of all, it sorts out the ethical characteristics on which the “Health Information Management” is based upon (American.., 2004).

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Second, it focused on the major points of the wide-ranging ethical standards that reflects the profession’s core ideals, as well as, establish an assortment of well-mannered values to be employed as a guiding light in coming up with decisions and actions called for by the occurrence of critical situations (American.., 2004).

 Third, it lends a hand to “Health Information Management” professional identify indispensable discussions or reflections in instances where tasks conflict or when hesitations based on ethics exhibits itself (American.., 2004).

Fourth, it serves as a code of behavior for the “Health Information Management” professional to be held liable and accountable if it’s called for by the people or the public (American.., 2004).

Fifth, it plays the role of getting together practitioners who are not familiar to the “mission, values, as well as, ethical principles” of the “Health Information Management” (American.., 2004).

Last but not least, it is for the purpose of the “Health Information Management” professional to personally weigh up himself or herself in a condition wherein, he or she feels that he may have engaged in an immoral or shameful or dishonorable act (American.., 2004).

Strengths of the Code of Ethics

There are several strengths of the Code of Ethics, however, the best strength is that it motivates members to act in a manner that is moral, right, and extremely honorable (American.., 2004).  Members will not dare violate any of the rules simply because they know there will be terrible consequences they have to face (American.., 2004).

The censure, probation, suspension, and especially termination from the profession which are the consequences mentioned in the Code of Ethics play a large role in the individual’s or member’s behavior (American.., 2004).

How the Individual’s Professional Conduct is Guided

An individual is guided by the code of ethics by clearly defining his or her responsibilities (American.., 2004).  Through this they will be motivated to uphold the principles which were stated in the Code of Ethics (American.., 2004).

Furthermore, through the Code of Ethics, an individual will be inspired to exhibit proper conduct (American.., 2004). Moreover, an individual will also compete with others in the organization but will do so in a manner that is fair and healthy simply because he or she will be guided by the Code of Ethics (American.., 2004).

In addition to that, the Code of Ethics will guide the individual to avoid the incidence of exploitation of professional relationships (American.., 2004). Also, the Code of Ethics will play a large role in respecting and trusting their colleagues (American.., 2004).

How I Can Use the Code of Ethics in My Professional Life (Health Information Management)

There are several ways on how I can utilize the Code of Ethics in my professional life and some of these applications entail the following situations: by not discriminating a person based on race/ethnicity;

By not assigning codes without consulting or requesting for the physician’s documentation; by not prohibiting the patient to look into his/her own complete medical record in spite of a written request provided by the individual (American Health.., 1999).


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