A Biography o Michael Jordan a NBA Player

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I recently read a biography on Michael Jordan by Mitchell Krugel. This book gives out accurate info on Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan know as the best player in the NBA recently. He retired with no specific reason. He was a phenomenal superstar with many extraordinary abilities. He was the most recognizable athlete in the world, not only the top player of his era, but was possibly the best player ever to wear the uniform of an NBA team. It all started as a young boy in North Carolina where he was born and raised by his parents. Michael Jordan grew up dreaming of being a sports star and with the love of sports in his heart. He grew up playing baseball when he was young. He was the MVP for his team when they won the championship.

When he was in Junior High School he began to play basketball. He got a love for this game that persuaded him to practice hard and give it all he had. He practiced by playing with his big brother. His brother, with his height advantage, beat him majority of the time. And Michael with his competitiveness and the hate of being the loser tried even harder. He tried to make himself taller any way he could, one time he even went to some Monkey bars hung on them trying to stretch himself. Maybe it worked because he was short. When Michael attended Laney High School, he tried out for the Varsity basketball team.

When he found out he didnt make it, he went running to his house, ran straight to his room and started crying. He kept on practicing and begging the coach to put him on the team but sadly the coach told him just to try out again next year. After practicing hard, Michael had experienced his first dunk as a freshmen in Highschool. When I finally became known as an outstanding high school player, I was known as a guard because I was 6-foot-6, Michael recalled. I didnt have the body of a forward, and I did have the skills of a guard because of all that time I in the gym in the morning..... learned on my own or by watching. I wasnt taught fundamentals until college.

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The next year he came back to the basketball tryouts and finally made the team. The coach noticed how good Michael was and gave him good advice Michael, with the support of his parents, the love of the game, and the talent for the game,achieved a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina. Where he played for the North Carolina Tarheels. Their Michael opened his wings for the first. He also met another coach that was named Dean Smith. Coach Smith taught him many things, he taught him how to be a team player. Even though Michael was not scoring much he still did many things for the team.

The most important thing he did for the team was The Shot the shot he made in the 1982 NCAA Finals against Georgetown. There were about 4 seconds left. Tarheels were down by two, they inbound the ball and give it to Michael. He turns around shoots the fadeaway jumper from the three point line and in went the ball. The team went wild they had won the championship. The summer after Michael made the game winning shot he became known more than just a skinny kid to many people. Michael was drafted to the Chicago Bulls as a sophomore in college. It took him a while to get used to the NBA and to become a superstar.

Michael averaged the most in the points in the NBA when he was playing. When Michael went up for a dunk it looked like he could almost fly and from there he got his nickname Air Jordan. He had abilities no other NBA superstar could ever achieve. When he played one on one with other players they could not keep up with him. They all said the same thing that was Its impossible to guard him one on one. When he finally won his first championship with the Bulls he was happy. Everything was right, the most important thing that made him happy was that his father was there to see it.

But after that something tragic happened to Michael and all his family: his father was murdered. Michael was devastated he had a special relationship with his father that could never be replaced. At the age of 30, Michael announced his retirement from basketball. Fans were stunned. But after a short time in baseballs minor leagues Michael made his exciting comeback to the NBA. He came back with the number 45 on his jersey. In one game there was a poster a fan had that stood out it said, 45 or 23 hes still #1 everyone still loved Michael. Even he had been away for a big while he was still the best NBA player. In the 98-99 season Michael announced his retirement for good he said he had done everything he wanted to do in the NBA (That he did do, he had lead the Bulls to 6 NBA championships). This time it was for real. There Michael left the NBA.

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