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Zoe Sharp – Tell me (Part A) It is obvious that Grace has many years experience, and knows what she is doing. Grace is trying to find out what has happened to the girl, by interviewing her about the accident, and her life. She digs in to her past by, talking to her even though she’s dead, and reading her hands. Beside that she is using the experience that her job, as a crime investigator has given her. She read the girl very good.

It is probably because Grace had a childhood similar to the victim, without a present father figure, who cared about her life and well-being. She find many important clues, In addition, she is patient and is good to ask relevant questions and seems to be stubborn and not give up she will have solved the case. (Part B) Grace is like other detectives, for example Sherlock Holmes and inspector Barnaby. Very quiet and peaceful in their investigation, they don’t stress around, but takes things end as they are, and investigating them.

However if you look at Sherlock Holmes and Barnaby, they have a little more clues to help them. Grace’s investigation is more like, She is living more into the girl's part to find out what happened, so she doesn’t know for sure, what actually happened, because the girl she talks to actually is dead (Part c) I think some women stay with their violent husband, because they may be afraid to say or go against their husband, and then end up getting even more beatings, maybe therefore stay woman with their husband.

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Otherwise I think it could be because the woman doesn’t have anywhere else to go, or might not have enough money to provide for them, because it is their husband who provides them, maybe he has a good job and earn many moneys, and have a high status, moreover the woman would not lose or miss the social pride. They will of course lose the social status they have, when they are not together, so I short it maybe could be the reason why women continue stay with their violent husband.

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