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Tell Tale Heart

Allen Poe, one central idea is obsession.Poe uses both structural choices and point of view to show this central idea.Pope’s structural choices shows us how much obsession about getting rid of the eye the narrator has.

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In paragraph three it says”undid the lantern cautiously o h so cautiously cautiously”. This repetition shows us that the narrator is putting a I to of effort and time into his obsession. In paragraph eleven it says “The old man’s hour has come!

They exclamation shows us how excited the narrator gets when he HTH inks he is going to get rid Of his obsession. Finally in paragraph fifteen”Search search w bade them”. The way Poe says this shows us that the narrator was truly obese seed with getting rid of the eye, because the narrator thinks he has gotten away from hi obsession safely. All of Pope’s structural choices shows how much the narrator is obsessed. The point of view also shows the narrator’s obsession.

In paragraph two the orator says, “l loved the old man,” adding, “He had never wronged me. ” Alls o in paragraph two, he reveals that he was obsessed with the old man’s eye “the eye off vulture a pale blue eye, with a film over it. ” Without any real motivation, then, other than his obsession, he decides to take the old man’s life. Lastly in paragraph t hearten it says “A tub had caught it all ha! Ha! “. This text shows us that to the narrator, hi s obsession is just a game. Poe used structural and point of view to show us the narrator’s obsession.

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