Working for a Manager or a Leader

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If I had to make a choice between working for a Manager and working for a Leader, I would, first of all, consider working environment. If business is stable and the company needs mostly organizational administration, then a Manager can be preferable type of the superior. Managers are perfect in organizing people to achieve the goals. They are directing the work of their subordinates according to the plans, which are already established by someone else. Managers are great in performing routine activities, as well as supervising and controlling. Managers are usually the bosses, who appreciate strict order and discipline at work, and I suppose, this is very important for successful performance.

But frequently business is dynamic and rapidly developing environment, which requires making a lot of risky decisions and looking for new directions all the time. In such situation, I think, it would be preferable to work for a Leader. Unlike the Managers, the Leaders know how to set up goals, motivate the employees for achieving these goals and initiate changes. Leaders can inspire their subordinates for personal improvement, support them, help them to find own place in the sun and to break a deadlock. Finally, the subordinates became the followers, who trust and understand their Leader and are ready to do the right thing. Therefore, working for a Leader brings more job satisfaction, favors personal development and can be a good challenge for ambitious employees.


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