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Women’s Health in Promiscuity and Family Planning

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On average, women enjoy better health physically and mentally when they wait for marriage to begin a sexual life. Women who start sexual relations outside of marriage increase the risk of getting STDs, and the ones who use contraception to avoid pregnancy often suffer from physical and emotional side effects. Women who have multiple partners before they get married are more likely to have attachment or bonding issues later in life (Ramrakha et al., 2013). The consequences of an “accidental” pregnancy after casual sex is often abortion or single motherhood which is a lifestyle that usually leads to poverty (Gonçalves et al., 2017). Women who save themselves for marriage have a much higher chance to experience freedom from these things and are more likely, in marriage, to experience the beauty of self-giving love.


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The sexual revolution began around 1968. Contraception was becoming more popular, abortion was very rare, and in most cases was illegal, and marriages were still strong. One thing that really tore the families apart was the No-Fault Divorce Law in the 1970s. Prior to this, divorce could only happen in the courts if someone was at fault, for example adultery or abuse. California was the first state in 1969 to enable people to divorce just because they felt like it.

This helped give rise to single women in the workplace, away from the children and out of the house. This new law in divorce combined with sexual revolution with drugs helped lead to an increase in women having multiple partners. In 1976, chlamydia first appeared in increasing numbers in the US. Prior to this only syphilis and gonorrhea were considered widespread. Now today, chlamydia is now the most common sexually transmitted disease and over 10% of the American population is affected by herpes (Bohlin, 1993).

It was a time of low work ethic. Crime rate was higher in the 1970s than prior years. People spend more time in front of the TV and divorce was skyrocketing. The culture was less work, more play. Tube tops were popular at the time. Very skimpy, stretchy shirts that were kept in place by a plastic string. The fact that it looked inexpensive made it look even more attractive. Many women wore it by itself, while others wore a shirt overtop. Another part of the culture was to go against what your conservative parents taught you, it was cool to “let your feelings go.” Adoption rates plummeted while abortions skyrocketed. Due to the drastic changes in law and economy, the culture took a complete 180 degrees in America from conservative family values to an overwhelming progressive look on life (Johnston, 2017).


Many progressives were optimistic that the no-fault divorce would have zero negative effects on children. For example, Barbara Dafoe Whitehead was considered to be an expert on the subject and she provided many complete and worked out rationales for how divorce would benefit children. She even said in her book The Divorce Culture: Rethinking Our Commitments to Marriage and Family, “it was for the sake of the children,” (page 81). Unfortunately, this Turned out to be false (Allen, 1999). Progressives may have thought that children’s exposure to harmful parental conflict would decrease and that their parents would readily find greater happiness that would improve parenting. But divorce often does not end parental conflict. However, the evidence suggests that parenting quality declines with divorce (Hetherington, 2002). And most of the divorces don’t even come from marriages with that many problems, most of them come from minor conflicts that are not chronic at all. Lastly, divorce doesn’t even lead to greater personal happiness (Carroll, 2014).


Women who save themselves for marriage can avoid all the negative consequences of premarital sex as mentioned above. Sex after marriage can be seen as an unadulterated act from the very beginning. Couples can experience an act of pure love without any of the baggage from previous encounters lingering in the mind. This unobstructed perspective on the sexual act changes the meaning from a source of hedonistic entertainment to a meaningful bond that has infinite potential for the mind and spirit. There are a couple strategies women can use to achieve the same goal of infertility without the negative effects of pharmacology. Fertility-awareness-based methods introduce using the natural systems of the body as markers of when sex has the lowest chances of producing a baby (Manhart et al., 2013).

Although the term “sexual freedom” is used to describe our cultural norms, many young women who engage in premarital sex are actually enslaving themselves by the outcomes. The outcomes may consist of hedonistic ideas of always needing to be sexually wanted by others or that women are only women if able to have sex whenever and wherever they like. This idea of sexualizing women from cradle to grave is the true enslaver of women as it sets up women to be discriminated against based on sexual activity alone. It is actually the women that avoid promiscuity and wait to give themselves in marriage who can achieve true freedom.

Repeat the many options then confirm why most feasible option is most rational.


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