How Family Size Directly Affects the Family Relationships

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Studies indicate that the family size directly affects the family relationships. Children born into large families have more companionship, develop stronger family ties, and learn more responsibility than do only children. I feel, coming fron a large family myself, that having older brothers and sisters has helped me alot. I've learned from their mistakes and also from their triumphs. I've really learned to count on my brother ans sister for questions I may have about different situations that I feel he or she may know about. I have taken their advice on many things more than once.

Now since my younger days, I myself am an older sisten. I have one younger sister and one younger brother. Being in that situation in which “the shoe is on the other foot”, I really enjoy being there for the two of them to answer any questions they may have or for that matter, to help in any way that I can.. As far as companionship and developing stronger family ties, once again, I know that having brothers and sisters around while growing up, certainly made some of my “rainy days” less lonely. Our family is also very close. I feel alot of that has to do with the trials and tribulations of our large family as a whole.

Responsibility, I think in a large family, almost has to be learned. There are many more jobs to be divided than tht of a one child family. There is also more emphasis on respecting one's personal property. I feel that is definitly learned, more with a large family. Therefore it makes you more responsible without even realizing the fact. To me, this is one more positive aspect towards a large family. To sum up this topic, I definitly am all for large families. I think planning the family is very important. If you can financially support a large family and have a strong positive attitude, then I say large families are great and to go for it!

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