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The average man also tends to be faster ND stronger than the average woman according to Livingston. Com. Women, nonetheless, are very athletic and skilled in their own right and deserve the same recognition as athletes as men receive. The reason their games are not as widely viewed publicly is simply because they are not as fun to watch. For example the average attendance for a Los Angles Lasers game in 2011 was 18,997 people (ESP.. Com). While the average attendance for a Los Angles Sparks game, who plays in the same arena, was 1 0, 1 76 people which is higher than all other WAN teams for that season according to probabilistically. Mom. This can be changed with just a simple tweak of the playing equipment. Handicapping in female sports is quite common; it gives the women the chance to have the same kind of success as the men in their respective sports, which is why lowering the rims in women's basketball would provide more support for the game by making it more entertaining to watch which would mean higher attended games and more television viewers. If the rims were lowered, women's basketball would be much more entertaining to watch.

Women would be able to finish shots closer to the rim teeter which would result in higher scoring and much more exciting games. The reason men have such a large following worldwide is because people love watching some of the best athletes in the world do things on a court with a ball that nobody else can do. Women's basketball players are no different. They, too, are the some of the best athletes in the world, but they just can't do everything on a court that a man can do because they are naturally built differently.

Men tend to be much taller and stronger than women, and are able to jump higher and play much more aggressively. Lowering the rim, even just seven inches, would allow the female players to do more of the things that men can do, like dunk and hit high level of difficulty shots more often. One of the main promoters of this idea is the University of Connecticut head women's basketball coach Gene Uremia, a seven time national champion with the Huskies who also led the women's IIS Olympic team to a gold medal this past summer in London. What makes fans not want to watch women's basketball is that some of the players can't shoot and they miss lay-ups and that forces the game to slow down," states Uremia (Gregory). He argues hat the lowering of the rim would increase the shooting percentages and increase the final scores, making it an overall much more exciting game to watch. This would in turn result in an increased audience and would be beneficial for the growth of the game and the women getting the attention and respect that they deserve. Adjusting the playing equipment in women's sports is a very common practice.

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The nets are lower than the men's in women's volleyball, the tees are moved up closer to the pin in golf, softball fields are smaller than baseball fields, and even in basketball their balls are already smaller to account for hysterical differences. That is why it is not unjust or sexist to propose lowering the rims to adjust to women's differences in size and athleticism, for it would only be beneficial for female sports. It is unfair to expect women to play on a 10 foot rim and still get the type of attention that men get. The difference in athleticism and size just won't allow for that. In 2007, NAB. Mom did a survey and found that the average NAB player is six feet and nine inches tall. A similar survey done in 2003 by WAN. Com found that the average height of a player is five feet eleven inches tall. This difference is the exact reason why men are dunking and women aren't, but more importantly, why people are watching the men's games but not the women's games. Men are taller and have an easier time dunking and finishing off balance shots, while the smaller women have to work harder to put the ball through the basket. Basketball fans like to see the high scoring games and the powerful slam-dunks.

This is proven by the NAB All-Star weekend in which there is not only an All-Star game, but a Slam-Dunk contest and Three-Point contest as well which totaled in 2,729,000 viewers in 2012 (Savage). The WAN All-Star game had a total of 756,000 viewers in 201 1 (Costa). These numbers show how much more people would rather watch the men play then the women. Changes need to be made to even these numbers out. Other sports have followed this blueprint where the equipment used is adjusted to make them more successful, and it is time that basketball followed suit.

Lowering the rims in women's basketball is a very controversial and not yet widespread topic. In fact, it is a very new subject that is only recently gaining attention. There are many opponents to the idea of the basket being lowered or women, as well as many hurdles to get through in order for it to take effect. In order for this to happen, there would have to be a long process of meetings and rule changes and an agreement between all leagues of women's basketball both collegiate and professionally.

The NCAA released a statement saying, "The NCAA continues to work with its members and others to grow the game Of women's basketball, but the issue Coach Uremia has raised is not before our membership for consideration" (AltaVista). Also, almost every gym that women play in is the home court to a men's team as ell. So there are ID foot baskets in every facility already, and switching all of those to height adjustable rims would require a significant renovation. There are also critics of this idea who believe lowering the rims is an insult to female athletes everywhere: "... Roaring the rims would further ostracize young girls who are trying to learn the game on courts across the country, often right alongside boys," states Kate Fagan, a writer for ASPEN. Com, a women's sports site: (Lowering) "The problem is people insist on comparing it to the men's game, suggesting women would attract more fans if they dunked and played above the rim, like men. This obsession with comparing women's basketball to men's doesn't exist in other sports... F the argument is that people don 't watch women's basketball because it's slower and less explosive, then lowering the rim all the rims, for girls and women every/here does nothing to change that' (Fagan). The entertainment factor does not appeal to many that are close to the game, and they are happy with how the sport is and feel it needs no change. What Pagan's argument fails to mention though, is that professional women's settable is hardly a profitable organization. The average NAB player makes about $3 million per year, while the average WAN player makes about $35,880 per year.

Why shouldn't men and women be paid the same for playing the same game and working just as hard? The only way this will happen is if women's basketball gains more fans and becomes just as popular and glorified as the men's games. Like the adjustments for women in other sports, lowering the rim would give women a chance to be more successful which would in turn make the game more entertaining to watch. By more people watching the games and giving it more support, both the NCAA and WAN would gain more fans and more money.

With this money, WAN teams could get television deals like the NAB teams, which would mean more young girls could watch the games and be motivated to go and pick up a basketball themselves. The more young women there are that play basketball, the better the competition will be which would result in even better players then there are today. Basketball is a great sport and women deserve just as much recognition for their talents as the men receive. Lowering the rim would provide all that it would lead to more equality between men's and women's basketball.

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