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Basketball Skills Essay

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Andrew Lorentz Prof Berkhof PE 141 Basketball Skills 10/14/09 Basketball Skills Reflective Assessment Essay Basketball Skills was a great physical education class because I got to improve my overall basketball skills and learn some exact specifics about the sport I love to play the most. I’ve been playing basketball since I was very young and will continue to throughout my life. I have quite a few strengths while playing basketball. One is that I am a skilled ball handler.

Anyone who knows anything about basketball will tell you that in order for your team to win, you need to have that one guy or girl that can handle the ball, also called the point guard. I’ve played point guard ever since elementary school traveling to those all day basketball tournaments on Saturdays. I fit the role of the point guard because I am small and quick with excellent hand-eye coordination. I value my skill as a ball handler because my teammates rely on me to bring the ball up the court with ease without the defender stealing the ball from our team before advancing it past half court.

I was valuable when our team had to break a full court press put on by the opponent because I am quick and can get open easier than all of my teammates could. Another strength of mine is that I am a fundamentally sound passer. Being able to pass the ball well in basketball relates to playing the point guard position in some ways because most point guards can dribble and pass well. I love making that assist to my teammate that forces the opponents to freeze on the court because my pass was that perfect.

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In high school, playing point guard my teammates and coaches would expect me to make that one pass, or the exceptionally good passes during games and practices because they knew I was capable of it and performing to my highest skill level was vital for our success as a team. Another strength I have is I am fast and quick. These skills attribute well for playing defense particularly. I was one of the best defensive players on our high school team because my coach always wanted me to guard the opponents’ quickest player. He knew I could “mirror” him and not let him score or hardly touch the ball.

With strengths come weaknesses and I have a number of weaknesses while playing basketball. One is that I need to be more aggressive overall. My teammates and coaches knew I could shoot and always encouraged me to shoot or drive to the hole more. I know I could have started more games in high school if I was just more aggressive. Another weakness is my lack of being a vocal leader. For playing the point guard position you could assume that I was the captain and leader of our team but that was not the case. Since I am a more introverted person in general, I carry that with me on the basketball court.

I am vocal on defense but more of a “follower” versus a hardcore leader. Basketball relates to Frequency because you could add more time in your day to play basketball. Whether that be practicing your fundamental skills more or playing more in pick-up games. Intensity is all about you as the player in basketball. Your attitude and energy that you have will show boldly on the court when you’re playing. When coaches or teammates tell you to pick up your intensity, that means focus and start getting more aggressive like driving to the hole more.

Or being more active on defense: shuffle your feet and stop being lazy with your hands. Also being more vocal to get your teammates hyped up. Time relates to how much basketball you play at a time. Sometimes you might spend more time playing and others day you could be just too tired or not in the mood to work on your game. Playing basketball many days of the week could vary as far as how much time you specifically spend. You might not want your routine to be the same all the time. Type is simply doing different activities while playing basketball.

In order to be a great ball player you need to be sharp in more aspects than just being able to shoot well. For instance, you could run sprints the length of the court or practice shooting from various spots around the arch. Shooting free throws becomes muscle memory with practice. Type refers to practicing different types of skills in basketball. I will continue to keep basketball in my life even though I no longer play competitively like in high school. It’s hard to stop playing a sport you’ve been playing all your life that you love to play and watch.

Every winter, my high school puts on an alumni basketball tournament on one weekend. It’s a lot of fun to play with my high school friends again and play against some of the old alums of the high school that I don’t know of. Basketball to me is more than just the game itself. You can learn a lot of life lessons playing basketball, such as how to work as a team. I also love playing outside in my driveway at home. It’s a great way to practice my shooting skills. I’m glad I took this class this semester because it was a fun class with a great coach/teacher.

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