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In today’s water cooler report about the novel Shoeless Joe, a lot of interesting questions were asked. One of the questions that was asked was how has baseball changed since Shoeless Joe’s day? Do you like the changes? As the discussion started, Jay said “there are more drugs in baseball now days than in Shoeless Joe’s time. ” Everyone agreed with Jay. Dhiren said that the player’s salary is a lot more, “like in the millions”. Pravena said that the baseball games were in the night. However, I disagree of that statement because in the book it clearly states that there were lights for the night games.

Another question that was raised about in out discussion which asked should Ray have told his father that he was his son? Would you want to know your fortune? Would you ever tell someone their fortune? It was clear that everyone agreed with Jay’s statement which was “If you mess with the past, you change your present and future, if you mess with you future, you change your present. ” For the next question about if Ray should have told his father that he was his son, Dhiren said that he just shouldn’t mess with the past. Everyone else agreed.

Dhiren and I said no to the question “would you want to know your fortune” , while Pravena and Jay say that they do want to know what their fortune is because they want to know if they will live or die and have a good job or not. For the final question we all said that we would only tell someone of their fortune if it was the matter of life and death, otherwise we would just keep it to ourselves. Another question which was softly touched was the discussion about was the one which asked about whose dreams have been fulfilled in the novel?

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And what is your own dream? When this question arose , I jumped to my feet and I started to say things like flying, running really fast, super strength, heat vision, etc. As I said my list of dreams, everyone else said their own. Overall, the group agreed with each other that almost all the character in the novel got their dreams fulfilled. In general, out group participated and put in their own inputs when needed. Yet, I believe that Dhiren and Jay interacted the most, as a final point, the water cooler helped out group understand the story and meanings better.

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