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Back to the Dreamtime : Relationship of Richard and Joe

The two main characters that I choose were Richard and Joe. Joe was the father to Richard. Richard was adopted by the McDonalds and lives together with his brother and sister and their names are Tom and Judy and his mother who called Sonya.

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Richard was a teenage Aboriginal raise in white Australian society. Richard always get a dream about a spirit calling him and give him some scenes or direction to do something, but he can’t understand what the message trying to be carry out by the dream.

Furthermore, Richard had scored a very good school grades and he wish to choose history as his study next year at university. Joe was a very good father and householder because he takes a very good care to his family members. Joe liked holding family meetings because he believed they were a good way to get the family together and discuss things. As for examples, Joe had call for family meeting and tells the children about the tjurunga that they found in the attic.

Richard and his father Joe were having a good relationship, we can prove this by the situation that had been happened. Richard never made angry to his parent on hiding his father tjurunga from him for being so long. In turn, he worried to his parent because he felt his parent was felt responsible for the whole situation and shaken about this matter.

Next, although Richard was trying to find his real father tjurunga and burial ground but Joe was never disagree with what Richard was planning to do. Joe was fully support to Richard by giving his opinion and help to Richard on what he was going to do. Finally, Richard finds his father’s burial ground and buries the tjurunga there. Richard also found his role that he need to record and analysis this rich oral culture and preserve it for future generations.