What is Anthropocene?

The videos In the website “Welcome to the Anthropocentric,” discusses about Anthropocentric. Questions that I will answer are what Is Anthropocentric? Why Is It label that way? What are some patterns in the era that are exhibited? Along with why should we care about mass extinction? Anthropocentric is a new geological epoch dominated by humanity.

The word “Anthropocentric” is given its name because human activity has polluted the sea, caused mass extinction of animals and plants, and changed the Earth’s natural cycle. Some of the patterns that this era has exhibited re the changes in the Earth’s life support system, such as changes within the environment. For example, temperatures and sea levels are changing due to global warming, level of greenhouse gases is rising, and changes In the global water systems Is through damming, extraction, arrogation, and climate change.

Furthermore, population, production, and consumption have grown exponentially. We are moving more sentiment than natural erosion and rivers. Therefore, there Is a whole In the Ozone and this Is causing us to lose bloodlessly. We should be concern about the mass extinctions of organisms because without hem, we will not have any support for food supplies and the environment. Especially, the functioning of the ecosystem.

However, I believe that this catastrophe has been going on for years, however some people have no idea where this will lead us to. We should do something about this and that carries with responsibility. We have the option to stop and act upon the current rate of extinction with measures that will prevent habitat loss, and with regulations and rules that will provide species the kind of safety net that humans have. Most importantly, we must adapt to change.

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