Water and Acetic Acid

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Do the following problems in your lab notebook. Be sure to specify the knowns & unknowns, the formulas used, show your work with labeled units and round you’re answers to the appropriate significant figures. 15-1 Molarity Problems: (M = moles/ liter ) 1. What is the molar concentration of a 415 ml solution containing 0. 745 moles of HCl? (A: 1. 80 M HCl) 2. What is the molar concentration of an acetic acid (CH3COOH) solution containing 3. 21 moles in 4. 50 liters? (A: 0. 713 M) 3. How many moles of KI are present in 125 ml of 0. 500 M KI? (A: 0. 0625 mol KI) 4. How many moles of ammonia (NH3) are present in . 360 L of 2. 3 M NH3 solution in water? (A: 0. 767 mol NH3) 5. How many liters of water are required to prepare a solution of 7. 25 M MgCl2 from 4. 89 moles of MgCl2? (A: 0. 674 L) 6. What is the molarity of a solution prepared by adding 58. 5 g of NaCl to 230 ml of H2O?

(A: 4. 3 M NaCl) 7. What is the molarity of a KNO3 solution prepared by adding 151. 5g of KNO3 to 300ml of H2O? (A: 5. 00 M KNO3) 8. How many grams of NaOH are required to prepare 2. 0 liters of 2. 5 M NaOH solution in water? (A: 200g NaOH) 9. What is the molarity of a soltuion prepared by dissolving 5. 68 g of NaOH in enough water to make 400. ml of solution? (A: 0. 55M) 10. If a 2. 34 g sample of dry ice, CO2, is dropped into a sealed 500 ml bottle of orange cool aid, and the CO2 gas released dissolves virtually completely in the cool-aid, what is the approximate concentration of CO2 in the now carbonated cool aid? (A: 0. 1 M) 11. How many grams of HCl are required to prepare 250 ml of a 0. 158M solution? (A: 1. 5g) 12. Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid. What is the molarity of the solution produced when 125g of acetic acid (C2H4O2) is dissolved in sufficient water to prepare 1. 50 L of solution? (A: 1. 39M)

13. How many grams of bromine, Br2, are needed to prepare 0. 500 L of a 0. 100M solution in water? (A: 0. 799g) Lab Prep: Calculate the number of grams of Ni(NO3)2*6H2O required to mix up 50. 0 ml of 0. 40 M. (Hint: The gram formula mass of Ni(NO3)2*6H2O is ) 15-2 Dilution Problems: M1V1 = M2V2, V2 is the TOTAL volume after dilution) 1. What is the molarity of the new solution when 500 ml of H20 are added to 500 ml of 1. 0M HNO3? (A: 0. 5 M HNO3) 2. What is the molarity of the new solution when 200 ml of 10. 5M HCl is diluted with water to a total of 1 liter? (A: 2. 1 M HCl) 3. If you want to mix up a total volume of 2. 0 L of 3. 5 M NaCl, what volume of 5. 0 M NaCl should you start with? A: 1. 4 L)

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4. A 52ml of sodium cyanide poison leaked from a bottle into a bucket of water that originally contained 427 ml of water. The concentration of poison in the bucket was found to be 0. 85 M after the leak. What must be the concentration of the poison in the leaky bottle? (A: 7. 8M) 5. How much water will one need to add to dilute 100 ml of 10 % SDS to 1 % SDS? (A: 900 ml H2O) 6. If you dilute 25 ml of 4. 0 % CaCl2 to a total of 100ml what is the final concentration? (A: 1. 0 % CaCl2)

Lab Prep: Calculate the volume of 0. 40 M Ni(NO3)2 needed to prepare 10. 0 ml of each of the following diluted solutions: . 0. 080 M b. 0. 16 M c. 0. 24 Md. 0. 32 M 15-3 % Concentration (% = g/100ml) 1. Mr. Harry's new baby is sick and not nursing well. The doctor suggests pedialyte which is a dilute sugar solution along with vitamin C. If there are 25 grams of dextrose in every 1. 0 L, what is the percent concentration? (A: 2. 5%) 2. Infant Tylenol contains 80 mg of acetominophen for every 0. 8 ml. What is its percent concentration? (A: 10%) 3. Vinegar is sold at the grocery store with a concentration of 5. 0 % acetic acid. How many grams of acetic acid are in every fluid ounce? (Hint: ml --> fl. oz? ) (A: 1. 5 g) 4.

Robitussin cough medicine contains the following ingredients per teaspoonful (5 ml): 100 mg guaifenesin and 10 mg dextromethorphan hydrobromide. What is the percentage concentration for each ingredient? (A: 2 % guaifenesin, . 2 % dex ..... ) 15-4 Parts Per Million (PPM = mg/L) 1. LD50 is a designation for the level of dosage required to kill 50% of the test subjects - usually lab rats. If it takes only . 063 grams of arsenic in a 1. 0 liter volume to kill 50 % of a sample of test rats, what is the LD50 for arsenic in parts per million? (A: 63 ppm) 2. A water purifier claims that it removes 95% of the lead ions from your drinking water.

If your water normally carries . 125 grams per liter of lead, what would be the concentration in ppm found in a glass of water you might drink from? (A: 6. 2 ppm) 3. If an adrenaline rush can be experienced when your blood contains only 5. 4 ppm of the hormone, what total mass of adrenaline is required in the blood of a person who has 6. 5 liters of blood total for the hormone to kick in? (A: 35. 1 mg) 4. A tanker of mercury (I) chloride, HgCl, carrying 150 tons crashes off the Washington coast. What total volume of sea water must the cargo mix with to dilute it down below the threshold of 4 ppm? (A: 3. 4 x 1010 L)

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