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Walt Disney Business Details

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Company information:

Company name     Disney
Sector                      Entertainment

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IPO date                  Tuesdey, 02.01.1962
Location                  Burbank, California, US

Fundamentals and financials (2021):

Market cup                           $ 284.94 billion
Revenue                                $ 67,418 billion
Employees                             190,000

Company management: Robert A. Iger (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer)

The Walt Disney Company, better known as simply “Disney,” is an American entertainment conglomerate initially founded in 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy. The company quickly became the leader in American animation before moving on to more intricate creative and business ventures.
Many points of interest can be found in Disney’s product portfolio: movies, video games, theme parks, cable broadcasts and much, much more. The company entertained millions of people, youngsters and grown-ups alike, and generated a massive fan base, so let’s dive in right in and learn more.

Financial Data

The company enjoyed a continuous rising dynamic in profits as its reported annual gross revenue has exceeded $55.632 billion, this is a 6% rise in comparison with the annual figure previously shown. The large bulk of that revenue number is attributed to services – $47.130 billion, the rest ($8.502 billion) being generated by-products. Net income is at $9.7 billion, which is an 11% rise in comparison with the previous fiscal year.
Balance sheets are also worth a look: total assets $92 billion dollars with total equity resting at $47.3 billion.
If anything, Disney is on a continuous improvement cycle and there is no indication that this growth is going to stop any time soon.
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Disney uses a variety of marketing channels to maintain customer loyalty as well as generate interest from potential customers. With Disney being around for so long, it’s natural that nostalgia becomes a strong marketing tool, its franchises and characters are easily recognizable, after all.
On top of that, recent deals with Marvel and LucasFilm have supplied new IPs that have already been put to good use.

Not only does Disney create compelling stories and fantasy worlds, but it also keeps enhancing them through a variety of means like theme parks and action figures.
Radio broadcasts, TV, printed media, and digital marketing channels are used. Pretty much everything that can be thought in terms of marketing has its time to shine.

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Structure & Operations

Conglomerate reportedly operates in five segments: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media, and almost 200 thousand employees are employed.

The company already operates at full capacity, and any substantial changes that occur are bound to spawn a multitude of problems.

Some of the well-known assets include companies such as Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, ESPN, ABC Entertainment, Lifetime Entertainment Services, and Hulu.

Geographical reach is also a thing to behold; Disney operates on a global scale, with growing audience numbers in faraway regions of the world.

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Disney’s reputation precedes it, the bottom line is simple, the company owns and uses franchises that are dear to many people. It has entertained millions of people over the years and earned enough goodwill to be considered a staple of family entertainment. An entity is as large as this needs to keep its competition in check, as well as account for its own strengths and weaknesses.

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Walt Disney Business Details essay

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