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Customer Management Plan: Disney Land Paris

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Disney land Paris is the number one tourist attraction site in Europe. It attracts more than 12 million visitors each year. It is giving people wonderful amusement experience. Though it flopped at first because it failed to take local cultural values and behaviours into account. When 1 they first they thought that it was enough to be Disney but they eventually realized that their guests need to be welcomed on the basis of their own cultural and travel habits. The realization and the changes it occurred has made it number one amusement park in Europe.

And it also has introduced new movie theme park to accompany the revitalized Paris attraction. The new park blends Disney entertainment and attractions with the history and culture of European film. A show celebrating the history of animation features Disney characters speaking six different languages. Description of the Organisation: When we think of Walt Disney company we think first of theme parks and animated films. Since the release of its first Mickey Mouse cartoon 75 years ago Disney has grown to become the undisputed master of family entertainment.

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It perfected the art of movie animation. From pioneering films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Pinocchio, and song of the south to more recent features such as the lion king, toy story and monsters. Disney has brought pure magic to the theatres, living rooms and hearts and minds of audiences around the world. But perhaps nowhere is the Disney magic more apparent than at the company's premier theme parks. Each year nearly 40 million people flock to the Disney world resort alone 15 times more than visit Yellowstone national park.

Making it the world's number one tourist attraction. The resorts 4 major theme parks Magic kingdom, epcot, Disney-MGM studios and Disney's animal kingdom brim with such attractions as Cinderella’s castle, space mountains the tower of terror, body wars, the Kilimanjaro safari, big thunder mountain railroad, typhoon lagoon, buzz light-year's space ranger spin, and honey L shrunk the audience. But these attractions reveal only part of the Disney world value proposition. In fact 2 what visitors like even more they say is the parks sparkling cleanliness and the friendliness of Disney world employees.

In an increasingly rude, dirty and mismanaged world, Disney offers warmth cleanliness, and order. As one observer notes in the magic kingdom, America still works the way it is supposed to. Everything is clean and safe, quality and service still matter and the customer is always right. Thus the real Disney magic lies in the company's obsessive dedications to its mission to make people happy and to make a dream come true. The company orients its entire people from the executive in the corner office, to the monorail driver, to the ticker seller at the gate around the customer's experience.

On their first day all new Disney world employees report for a 3-day motivational course at Disney University on Orland, where they learn about the hard work of making fantasies come true. They learn that they are in the entertainment business. Case members in the Disney world show. The job of each cast member is to enthusiastically serve Disney's guests. Before they receive their theme costumers and go on stage employees take courses titled traditions, in which they learn the Disney language, history and culture.

They are taught to be enthusiastic, helpful, and always friendly. They learn to do good deeds, such as volunteering to take pictures of guests so that the whole family can be in the picture. Rumour has it that Disney is so confident that its cast members will charm guests that it forces contact. For example many items in the parks gift shops bear no price tags, requiring shoppers to ask the price. Cast members 3 are taught never to say it's not my job. When a guest asks a question whether its where's the nearest restroom?

Or what are the names of snow white's seven dwarves? They need to know the answer. If they see a piece of trash on the ground they pick it up. They go to extremes to fulfil guest's expectations and dreams. For example to keep the magic kingdom feeling fresh and clean, five times a year the main street painters strip every painted rail in the park down to bare metal and apply a new coat of paint. Walt Disney Company 4 always wants to give their guests an enjoyable moment. Disney's customers delight mission and marketing has become legendary.

Its theme parks are so highly regarded for outstanding customer service that many of America's leading corporations send managers to Disney University to learn find out how Disney does it. However as it turns out theme parks are only a small part of a much bigger Disney story. These units make up only a small part of today's Walt Disney Company Empire. In recent years, Disney has become a real study in strategic planning. Via the 1990's seeking growth, Disney diversified rapidly, transforming itself into a $25b international media and entertainment conglomerate.

Someone might be surprised to learn that beyond its theme parks, the Walt Disney Company now owns or has a major stake in all of the following: a major television and radio network, ABC along with 10 company owned television stations, 29 radio stations, and 13 international broadcast channels. 165 able networks including the Disney channel, lifetime television, toon Disney, soaps net, ESPN, A;E, the history channel, Entertainment and ABC family channel. Four TV production companies and eight movie productions and distribution companies including Walt Disney pictured touchstone pictures, Hollywood pictures and Miramax films.

Five magazines are publishing groups including hyper ion books and Miramax books. Five music labels including Hollywood records and mammoth records. Nineteen internet groups including Disney online, Disney's blast, ABC Company and ESPN sport zone, family. com, toysmart. com nascar. com, nba. com and NFL. com and Disney interactive, which develops markets, computer software, video games, and CD ROMs. The Disney store 660 retail store locations carrying Disney related merchandise. Disney cruise lines. Two sports franchises the mighty ducks of Anaheim hockey team and the Anaheim Angels baseball team. It's an impressive list.

However for Disney managing this diverse portfolio of business has become a real monster. Whereas Disney's theme park and family movie operations have been wonderfully successful over the years, the new and more complex Disney has struggled for growth profitability. For example during the last half of 1980's the smaller more focused Disney experienced soaring sales and profits. Revenues grew at an average rate of 23 percent annually. Net income grew at 50 percent a year. In contrast, during the most recent five years, the more diversified Disney's sales have grown at an average rate of only 3 percent annually.

Net income has fallen 23 percent a year. Thus for Disney, bigger is not necessary better. Many critics assert that Disney has grown too large, too diverse, and too distant from the core strength that made it so successful over the years. Others however believe that such diversification is essential for profitable long-term growth. One thing seems certain creating just the right blend of businesses to make up the new magic kingdom won't be easy. It will take masterful strategic planning. Along with some big doses of the famed Disney magic to give the modern Disney story a happy ever after ending.

Walt Disney Company Markets Two Distinct Winnie The Pooh Bears: The original line drawn figure appears on fine china, pewter spoons, and pricey kid's stationery found in upscale specialty and department stores such as Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale's. The plump, cartoon like pooh, clad in a red shirt and a goofy smile, adorns plastic key chains, polyester bed sheets and animated videos. It sells in wall-mart stores and five and dime shops. Except at Disney's own stores, the pools do not share the same retail shelf.

Thus Disney offers both upstairs and downstairs poohs, hoping to land customers on both sides of the income divide. Key Features Of The Sector Within Which The Organisation Operates Are: Currently Disney land Paris 6 is offering 2 special offers. They are a day extra and a night extra free. The extra days are offered on only selected days of winter. It means one can enjoy extra breakfast free also. Another offer is kids free go. It refers to one kid can enjoy the offer with one adult only. The kid has to share the room and the offer is valid in January to march only. Another most popular offer is fact fun.

It is the most popular and enjoyable offer offered by Disney land Paris. There are auto animation figures and following toys and accessories. Other offers are Internet offers and tickets and packages. Description of the target segment(s), their key characteristics and the implications for providing customer service: Market segmentation 7 refers to evaluate each market segments attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter. Segmentation can be based on geographical for example dividing the market based on nations, state, regions, countries, cities or neighborhoods.

Disney land may segment the market based on countries. It may decide which countries should be served and which one is not. Another way to segment the market is demographic segmentation. It means dividing the market based on age, sex, family size, family life cycle and other variables such as income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation and nationality. Different aged people like different ideas and other values. Age is a major variable in demographic segmentation. Consumers demand change with their age. It can target different aged people.

Many companies generate different schemes for attracting different aged people. Age is one of the most important demographic variables. It is often very much-talked topic for a business. Different aged people need different services. And one who can serve the best is the leader. Gender is one of the demographic variables. Gents and ladies are often different in using different tools and their needs are also different. Income segmentation is another variable. Different income level person demand different things. Disney land Paris may use different plans to serve different income level persons.

As someone's income is higher he or she will demand more and if someone's income is low then he or she will demand less. Psychographics segmentation is another kind of segmentation, which means dividing market into different groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics. Social class is an important factor. Lifestyle is the way people live so it should be under consideration. Keeping all this information's in the head Disney land Paris has to sell its product. Behavioral segmentation is another variable concerning the segmentation of the market.

It is one kind of segmentation where buyers are divided into groups based on their knowledge and attitude, use or response to a product. Buyer's knowledge 8 is important in this sense that if buyer's knowledge is low then buyer is not capable of taking the right decision. And if the buyer decision is accurate then buyer must contain knowledge of the product. Countries can also be segmented by economic factors. For example countries can also be segmented by population income level or by their overall level of economic development. Customer Management Issues: Marketing plays a key role in the company's strategic planning in several ways.

First marketing provides a guiding philosophy, which is known as marketing concept. That suggests the company strategy should revolve around building profitable relationships with the important consumer groups. Second marketing provides inputs to strategic planners by helping to identify attractive market opportunities and by assessing the firm's potential to take advantage of them. Finally within individual business units marketing designs strategies for reaching the units objective. Once the units objective are set marketing task is to carry them out profitably.

Partnership relationship management is working closely with partners in other company departments and outside the company to jointly bring greater value to customers. A Blueprint of Disney Land Paris: The blueprint of Disney land Paris 9 was developed in US but the world's favourite theme park concept has transcended US. The Disney land Paris has hotels, shops, restaurants and many other enjoyable things, which attract people greatly. In fact Disney land Paris consists of two theme parks. One of the parks is Disney Land Park based on California’s kingdom and the other is Walt Disney studio. Quality Indicators For Customer Service Provision:

The quality indicators for customer service provision are increase in sales of tickets, increase in reservation in hotel of Disneyland Paris, and increase in the amount of people visit Disneyland Paris each year. As Disneyland Paris has many shopping centres, the increase in sales of these shopping centres is a good quality indicator for customer service provision. There are many restaurants in the Disneyland Paris so increase in these restaurants is also important quality indicator. As there are numerous rides in the theme park, many riders are also an indicator. Increase in the sales of tickets for movie is also important.

Service Script: Disneyland Paris gives much service to its customers. Service script includes movie shows, different rides and parking facility, lunch facilities, shopping malls, restaurants and many other amusing things. It gives specific offer for families and kids. Kids free are a very popular offer. It also has many amusing characters, which are very popular. There are many adventures in the theme park special occasion is also important. It often arranges many parties for people. There are special offer, Internet offer, tickets and packages in the Disneyland Paris. Get there is very easy they have own transportation system.

STAFF Management Issues And The Recommendations For Staffing Interface: Disneyland Paris trains10 each employee very efficiently and for this reason it can serve its customers smoothly. On the first day all new Disneyland Paris employees report for a three-day motivational course at Disney University in Orlando where they learn about the hard work of making fantasies come true. There they learn that they are in an entertainment business. There is also much training for Disneyland Paris employees after this training. Recommendations: Another university may be built for the training of the employees of Disneyland Paris.

And the standard of the university may also be upgraded as demand for new age changes rapidly. There should be hostels for the employees who get trained in the universities. The food and accommodation system should be adequate enough to give better training. The teachers of the universities may be performing better if they get additional training. There should be enough books and equipments for the training. One thing is also important is what is the duty of the employees in case of the emergency. There should be training for the emergency time also. Blueprint Flow Charting Layout:

What Happens Backstage As Well As Front Stage: At the backstage the company's employees12 try very hard to give better service through effective communication and at front stage they directly give service to the customers. The visible actions are parking cars, buy tickets and others and the invisible actions are after the parking of the car how employees take care of the car and how effectively the ticket sellers sell their tickets. As we know Disneyland Paris employees keep the park very clean then there must be hard work to do it. And how they keep the park clean all the time it is invisible service to the consumers.

Internal physical interaction is also needed in the work of there. These interactions are motivation, leadership and other things. Maintaining many things Disneyland Paris is not easy. The employees need to be motivated strongly to give better service. The whole team of employees needs to work hard to maintain such a huge park. There are many facilities in the park. The gas, water, electric supply and heating system need to be checked thoroughly and billing records is also important because customers are likely to be pleased if they find it easy billing system.

There are many credit cards facilities in the park followed by ATM service. Systems And Instruments For Evaluating Service Delivery: Service13 delivery need to be evaluated for better customer service. Through better service Disneyland Paris has gained a position in its customers mind. If a company wants to give better service then only planning, implementation, and control is not important. Evaluation is also very important because through it a company can detect its glitches and make corrective action. The self-assessment instrument is one way to evaluate service delivery.

It will assist to identify different understandable aspects of service delivery utilized within the organization. Through this instrument one company can understand what its plan was and actually what was implemented. Disneyland Paris may introduce a system to complete and submit their work in brief. The employees may be asked to give service delivery report before and after their training. This instrument may be used to have or feel discussion among the employees and plan the changes, which are desirable. And the system for evaluating may be making a visual assessment of the employees by using enabling part replica.

There should be a meeting of the employees after their plan is implemented regarding the gaps and overwork. Disneyland Paris may introduce model for understanding the current situation of the company. Disneyland Paris may also introduce PowerPoint presentations for better service. Disneyland Paris needs to collect data for evaluation. One system may be achievement Planning preparation Module The Content Of The Plan is: Disney land Paris wants 14 to design and put into action the marketing mix that will best achieve its objective in its target markets.

The company first develops company wide strategic plans, and then translates them into marketing and other plans for each division, product and brand. Through implementation, the company turns the plans into actions. Control consist of measuring and evaluating the results of marketing activities and taking corrective action where needed. Finally marketing analysis provides information and evaluation needed for all of the other marketing activities. Marketing Analysis: Managing the marketing functions begins with a complete analysis of the company's situation.

The company must analyze its markets and marketing environment to find attractive opportunities and avoid environmental threats. It must analyse company's strength and weakness as well as current and possible-marketing actions to determine which opportunity is right. Marketing provide input to each of the other marketing management functions. Marketing Planning: Through strategic planning 15 the company decides what it wants to do with each business unit. Marketing planning involves deciding on marketing strategies that will help the company attains its overall strategies objectives.

A detailed marketing plan is needed for each business, product or brand. The plan begins with an executive summary which quickly overviews major assessment, goals and recommendations. The main sections of the plan present a detailed analysis of the current marketing situation as well as potential threats and opportunities. It next states major objectives for the brand and outlines the specifics of marketing strategies for achieving them. A marketing strategy is the marketing logic whereby the company hopes to achieve its marketing objectives.

It consists of specific strategies for target markets, positioning, the marketing mix and marketing expenditure level. In this section the planner explains how each strategy responds to the threats opportunities, and d critical issues spelled out earlier in the plan. Additional sections of the marketing plan lay out an action program for implementing the marketing strategy along with the details of a supporting marketing budget. The last section outlines the controls that will be used to monitor progress and take corrective action. Marketing Implementation: Planning good strategies is only a start toward successful marketing.

A brilliant marketing strategy counts for little if the company fails to implement it properly. Marketing execution is the process that turns marketing plans into marketing behaviour in order to complete strategic marketing objectives. Implementation involves day-to-day, month-to-month activities that effectively put the marketing plan to work. Whereas marketing planning addresses the and why of marketing activities, implementation addresses who, where, when and how. Many managers think that doing things right is as important as or even more important than doing the right things. The fact is that both are critical to success.

However companies can gain competitive advantages through effective implementation. One firm can have essentially the same strategy as another, yet win in the marketplace through faster or better execution. Still implementation is difficult. It is often easier to think up good marketing strategies than it is to carry them out. In an 16 increasingly connected world, people at all levels of the marketing system must work together to implement marketing plans and strategies. In Disney land Paris marketing managers make decisions about target segments, positioning, pricing and promoting and distributing.

They connect with people elsewhere in the company to get support for their products and programs. They talk with engineering staffs about product design, with manufacturing about production and inventory levels and with finance about funding and cash flows. They also connect with outside people such as advertising agencies to plan ad campaigns and the media to obtain publicity support. Successful marketing implementation depends on how well the company blends its people, organisational structure, decision and reward systems, and company culture into cohesive action program that supports it strategies. Marketing Control 17:

Because many surprises occur during the implementation of marketing plans, the marketing department must practice constant marketing control. Marketing control involves evaluating the results of marketing strategies and plans and taking corrective actions to ensure that objectives are attained. Operating control involves checking ongoing performance against the annual plan and taking corrective decision when necessary. Servqual Scale 18: This is a scale that may be used for performing the gap scrutiny of an enterprise's service quality performance against consumer service quality wants. There are 5 key dimensions in this method.

They are: Tangibles: This includes appearance of physical facility, equipment, and manpower and communication facility. Disneyland Paris has provided all the facilities of these dimensions. Reliability: Disneyland Paris has always performed their promises and moreover they have tried their best to give better service. Responsiveness: Disneyland Paris is always very quick to response to their consumers and they are very willing to help. There are many employees employed for quick response. Assurance: Disneyland Paris has efficient employees who possess enough knowledge and meekness to their customers.

It gives highest facilities among its competitors. Empathy: Disneyland Paris has focused on the individual customers rather than aggregate customers. This has helped them to attract more customers. The Usage Of Servqual Scale: It is widely used in service industries for example Disneyland Paris. It may also be used in the inter organisation. Steps in Servqual Scale: In this method there are some steps they are the relative significance of each fact, and a dimension of performance prospect, and a measurement for the concerned company.

Cons Of Servqual Scale: There has been the validity of these dimensions. There is often problem in calculating the servqual contributions. Assumptions of Servqual Scale 19: For Disneyland Paris is we want to apply SERVQUAL SCALE then we need to keep some assumptions for example one of them are the result of market survey are precise. The power of the model is based on the empirical theories. And more over another assumption is that customers need be captured and the theory suggests that these things remain constant. Conclusion:

Disney land Paris has already achieved a great position in the world and in peoples mind. Through its constant efficient service it may be able to keep its pace for many years. Bibliography: 1. Kotler Philip and Armstrong Gary, 2004, marketing principles, 2 chapter, edition 10, education Pearson. 2. Disneyland Detective, By Kendra Trahan, Brian McKim,? Dave Hawkins 3. <http://dpi. state. wi. us/sspw/pstrainings. html> 4. <http://www. disneylandparis. co. uk/index. xhtml> 5. <http://www. wordtravels.? com/Resorts/France/Paris/Disneyland+Paris> 6. <http://www. 12manage. com/methods? _zeithaml_servqual. html>

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