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Vodafone Policies and Decision Making

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Policy making processes in Vodafone have been influenced greatly by changes in technology. The process should always be made in reference to the objectives and goals of the organization. Certain policies such as the human resource policies that have been developed by Vodafone have helped the company meet its current domestic and international markets. Good polices go inline with the current technology. It would be unprofessional and unethical to provide policies that will be detrimental to the company’s business development

Vodafone has since adopted very many polices in a bid to meet the challenges of competition. Its famous policy of 2003-Market Outreach Policy- gave it additional achievements as it ensured that the company reached oversees markets without any hindrances. the policy helped the company to acquire more companies and take part in joint ventures with other players and businesses in the industry which have better technology, machinery or human resources than Vodafone e. g.

when the company for example got a stake of 15% in the Hambros Technology trust, it benefited from the company’s minority stakeholders and technology. This is an example of policy making processes that have helped Vodafone expand in its technology. These policies will act as a legal tool to be used by the organization. The organization can seek the services from other firms to ensure that these policies conform to what is required locally and internationally. These policies will also act as a guide to the company to successfully monitor the progress of the connectivity (Aulakh, Kotabe and Teegen, 2000).

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Change in technology also influences the way decision making procedures are undertaken just like in policy making in Vodafone Company. Decision making in the company always conforms to the strategic planning of the company. When it comes to mobile network services, Vodafone bases most of its decision making process on the current or future technology that will be applicable. Decisions regarding the way the industry will behave in future should be predictive in nature and that it will lead to attainment of desired long-run goals (Vodafone, 2008).

Vodafone Policies and Decision Making essay

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