Violence in Playgrounds and How to Curb the Menace

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Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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Violence is on the rise in playgrounds and there are always young children who stand defenseless in the face of their peers, who may happen to be bigger than them and as such take the advantage to pick on the little ones. A report by the Federal School Authorities in Cairo have showed there has been a 70% increase in bullying report cases in 2005 playground, compared to the 15% recorded in 2002. this vividly shows a tremendous increase in bullying on playgrounds.

Parents today have a major role to play in counseling their children over the bullying issue. However some parents may decide to tell their children to retaliate, but on a closer look that may not seem to be a good solution. Firstly, if a child decides to fight back, it puts him in an even greater risk because he may be outnumbered by the bullies and that even makes him more defenseless. Secondly, in the event of trying to defend himself, the child may adopt violent methods which he may have seen on TV like stabbing or kicking in the guts.

Consequently, inflicting a major injury on his fellow peers. Thirdly, by parents telling their kids to stand up and defend themselves, they are passing a subliminal message to children which may seem to encourage violence among the children. My final reason is based on a childhood experience ; a child was persistently bullied by a group of children and when he decided to confront his parents about the issue they asked him to stand and defend himself. The next day he took a knife to the playground and used it on the bully.

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The following are proper methods and solution to be used in such events. Do not blame the child if he finally works up the courage to report bullying. It isn’t right to criticize him for not handling the situation. For example don’t ask him “Well, what did u do to bring it on? ”. Also remember that hitting back is not a choice at playgrounds and is not encouraged at all. It might get him into trouble especially if the playground is for the school. To sum up parents should be aware that bullying prevention programs are often a very effective way to solve the problem rather than fighting back.

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