Van Gogh’s Starry Night

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Despite my limited knowledge about art, its components, and the artists who create their masterpieces, Vincent Van Sago's The Starry Night is probably my favorite piece of artwork in the textbook. I love this painting and chose it because to me, this piece of work is so serene yet captivating and stimulating at the same time. I believe that if a piece of art can evoke that many emotions in a person, then it is truly a masterpiece. I actually have a replica of The Starry Night hanging in my house, which as another reason why I chose to discuss this particular painting.

One of my favorite aspects about Van Sago's work is the lines depicted and painted in the art. I think that is the main element that makes The Starry Night so unique and beautiful. Van Gogh uses colorful and curvy lines in an energetic and stimulating way. The color used in this piece of art is also a powerful element included . I think that the colors Van Gogh chose to use are genius because it makes the painting more rueful yet sets almost a cool and serene atmosphere by using the blue colors and its hues.

The textbook suggests that many have depicted The Starry Night to reflect Van Sago's disturbed mind. However, I find the painting to have almost a mystical and calming effect. The different lines that Van Gogh uses in this piece of art also provide the piece with texture. Looking at The Starry Night hanging in my living room or the one in the textbook makes me want to reach out and actually be able to feel he artwork itself and the lines to feel the texture it appears to have.

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Van Gogh also uses the elements of light and dark superbly in this painting. The whole painting is created using darker colors yet the sky reflects lighter hues variously throughout which I believe provides The Starry Night with a nice contrast. I think that Vincent Van Sago's The Starry Night is my favorite piece of artwork I have seen yet and contains many different design elements and principles that help make it the masterpiece that it is today.

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