The starry night

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The Starry night Now the darkness took over the sky and a chill ran down my body. The wispy breeze was cold too. The somber path curving up to the ghastly trivial hill, on which I walked alone. But the other side of the hill was proud with light. The path ran amidst prickly scrubs trampled by the locals. On the path were laid water drenched leaves from the shower in the afternoon. The sky was illuminated with tiny emotive objects.

Under he colossal tree laid a pit of dry leaves with some streaks of gray smoke making their way through the long butted sack of heat. The starry night started with a chilled breeze blowing and fireflies rode the air current making their way through to safer grounds. I made myself comfortable on soft damp grass and lay down. A man stood on the front, barring the view. He crushed a stalk in his mouth, a Mexican poncho crowned his head, and he bore a cowboy outfit on a lean build.

He had his own way, e stood tall with a silhouette marking his practical personality. He asked "what are you doing out here, kid? " I was bewildered and I said Just had food, 'am chilling, you? " He kept quiet, wind blew, the leaves rattled and the light smoke hustled to get attention. The sky had a startling clout which made me contemplate the environment. In front of the long butted fire stood a rock which stood crisp and rough by the blowing air.

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It was midnight, an' I still lay on the velvety grass sensing a deep, amp scent of rain, a little bit of moist mud. The cynical curls of clouds ruled the skies, and the stars seemed to have been standing overpowered by the vicious clouds of rain, but as time went past the mighty clouds had been triumphed by the robust Lulus. It seemed very positive while the person by my side lay with his hat covering his cryptic and diplomatic personality. The sky was clear and the moss started to deluge on my face like god left his shower running.

I felt exuberant, I unveiled my yes and witnessed the Jovial and stunning sky and it mesmerism's me, as I gradually stood up and could not see the man. The rabbits hurried as silently as they could to get out of sight. For a moment the entire place felt dull until I the bright sunlight struck my eyes and forced me to look at it. The tedious darkness was defeated by the bright streaks of sun, the light climbed up the hill and it was five in the morning. The 'cowboy man patted me on the back, his face blushing with an optimistic glow, like it said "let's move on".

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