Why we shouldn’t support Walmart

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Main Idea: The super giant retailer WalMart has a negative impact upon many aspects of society, both local and worldwide, and as a result the American people should not support WalMart.


Class: How many people shop at Walmart? (just want to get an idea)

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Walmart is extremely popular nowadays. They have a diverse group of customers. the retail giant features 180,000 square foot super centers that sell everything from tires to groceries. You can buy practically anything from walmart. "Always Low Prices" or "Save money and live better", are a few of their advertising slogans. in reality though Walmart's pledge should be "Always Low Prices, Always Low Wages, Always Low Morals, and Always Low Ethics!". Walmart is a mammoth corp that hauls off a stunning $220 Billion a year from its customers, resulting in a net profit of over 7 billion dollars a year for the company . The famous blue vests of associates and low prices are not only common symbols in the United States, but also in nine foreign countries around the world.

tonight we're going to learn how Walmart forces small businesses out of business, sends jobs overseas to countries like China while abusing human rights, pay its associates poverty level wages and lastly i want to point out why we Americans should not support walmart.

So first, let's talk about how walmart forces small businesses out of business.

I. Walmart Forces Small Businesses Out Of Business.

A. According to the LA Times, Shan Li quoted " When Walmart builds a store in town, it wipes out the economy of the town and forces small businesses out of buisness".

1.The reason so many small businesses in the towns are negatively affected is that walmart has the freedom that most of these small businesses don't have, the freedom to buy items super cheap.

2. over and over again, when walmarts opens one of its stores in a city or town, within a short amount of time, two years or less, dozens of other businesses close their doors.

a. A study conducted by Loyola University Chicago found that when a Walmart opens in a new market, median sales drop 40% at similar high-volume stores, 17% at supermarkets and 6% at drugstores.

b. the State of Iowa for example, during a ten year period from 1983 to 1993, which was one of the first states Walmart expanded into during that time frame, they indirectly caused the closing of 555 grocery stores or supermarkets, 290 building supply stores, and roughly 250 clothing stores.

c. Just imagine the impact if you multiply these types of number times the 30 some states walmart has now expanded into.

now that we have learned how walmart pushes mom and paps shops out lets take a look at how walmart sends jobs, overseas.

II. Sends Jobs Overseas

A. Not only does walmart import 1.5 billion dollars worth of goods from china every year, but they also put an extreme amount of pressure on their suppliers to lower the cost of their goods, therefore driving those suppliers offshore in their efforts to lower the cost of production.

1. Many of these jobs are sent to China where the workers work for a fraction of what American workers' wages are.

2. Shockingly, according to the ________ it is estimated that, "Walmart out-sources as much as $4 billion dollars worth of goods a week overseas.

B. When jobs are sent to countries like China, Walmart abuses their Human Rights.

1. As if it isn't bad enough that walmart is sending millions of american jobs overseas, but according to Charlie Kern of the National Labor Committee, "in country after country, factories that produce for walmart are the worst" in terms of human right abuses. He goes on to say that " walmart is acutally lowering the standards in China by slashing wages and imposing long madatory overtime shifts.

a. to illustrate this problem according to an article by Jim Hightower calling for the boycott of Walmart, "although china's minimum wage is 31 cents an hour, the workers who work in factories making things for walmart average just 13 cents an hour, that's more than half the pay cut.

b. these workers are literally sickened by their jobs where there is no health and safety enforcement.

1. workers have headaches and nausea from the paint and dust in the air, and the temp tops 100 degrees for workers in the factories during summer.

lastly i want to mention how walmart pays its associates poverty level wages.

III. Low level wages for employees

A. In the US, the average full time walmart associate makes an annual wage of $14,000 which is considered below peverty level.

B. At this level of income, most of walmart employees can't even afford to shop at walmart.

C. Now that you know why walmart has such a negative impact on our society, i want to tell you what we must do to solve this problem.

IV. Americans should not support walmart.

A. Concerned Americans, like you and me, should flex our muscles and all together boycott walmart whenever possible.

B. we should purchase items we need from other sources.

C. If there is another business in town, especially a locally owned business, purchase what you need from that business.

D. Lastly, i would like each of you to spread the word about the evil-empire of walmart.

1. Tell your neighbors, friends, and family members about walmart's negative impact on society and ask them to join you not to support walmart.

2. if we all work together, the American people can bring walmart to its knees, just as it has done to thousands of businesses.


Walmart is a predator of the worst kind, the kind that destroys lives and cities for money. Today i hope each of you now know why walmart is bad for America, and other countries as well, also why you should not support walmart. Next time you need some paper towels or a bag of chips, wont you please go to your neighborhood grocery store or another retailer to purchase those things? you wont miss the extra couple of cents you might save especially when you know the expense those few cents might cost someone else.

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