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Why we shouldn’t have more school days

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The roots to education are bitter, but the fruit Is sweet. " unfortunately, our fruit hasn't become the sweetest. The recent Programmer for International Student Assessment (PISA) has shown that although the US may spend the most on Its students, we aren't all high and mighty. U. S students ranked 36 In Math, 28 in Science, and 24 in Language Arts. Shanghai, China ranked number one in every subject. You have proposed many times before on extending school hours or days to help students reach their full potential.

I wish it were that simple, but nothing comes to us that easily. If this were to happen, it would surpass the real reasons we aren't ranking high enough. Let's take a look at high ranking countries such as Finland, Australia, and of course China. China Is number one, but also very high on another list. China's suicide rate Is among the highest In the world, ranking number 6. When you add more school, you add more stress. Students are stressed out enough with trying to be that perfect body they see In the magazines. School shouldn't add onto that, school should be a unforgettable and fun learning environment for kids.

In China, falling Is not an option. You must attend school 260 days a year and if you con not, a parent steps in place to take notes for you. That is no way to live. Students are put under so much pressure they think the only way to be freed is to take their own life. Education and intelligence isn't worth it at the cost of someone's life. Both countries ranked significantly lower on the list of countries by suicide rate, Finland ranking at 22 and Australia ranking at 50. Although Peru, ranked last on the PISA, they ranked 99 on the sit of countries by suicide rate. It isn't worth the risk.

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Why we shouldn’t have more school days

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As If school wasn't hard enough! School breaks are treasured by families because It Is the only time they really have together. Family time Is cherished by many and overlooked by many. I am one of the people that cherishes family time. With family that lives in the randomness parts of the country, I count down until breaks to be given the opportunity to wrap my arms around them again. Parents have jobs, students have homework, and after school activities. All the more reason to cherish family time. Whether you like it or not, they are your family, and you can't get rid of them.

You are pretty much stuck with them so why would you take away the fun memories? Lastly, three simple words: quality over quantity. It doesn't matter how many school hours we have or school days. It how we spend that time Is what matters. Ever since I can remember, I have always spent my time In school preparing for a standardized test. These evil green monsters bring more stressed, but that Is a completely different topic. In Finland, they only take one standardized test when they are 16. Finnish schools have an educational system the US should new.

In Finland students have smaller class sizes, and have little to know homework. Whereas in China, they were very well mannered students that wear uniform, learn in large class sizes, and have many hours of homework when they return home. Finland ranked 12 in Math, 5 in Science, and 6 in Language Arts. The Finnish education system has to be doing something right. They even have the same amount of school days as us, thus proving the amount of time spent in school isn't the greatest factor even if other states have men improvement.

Speaking of same amount of school days, we have the same amount of days as Australian children. But instead of having a long two month break, they have smaller breaks given each season throughout the year. Australia ranked 19 in Math, 16 in Science, and 13 in Language Arts, all ranks are better than ours. Even Peru, that ranked last in every subject, has the same amount of school days as us. It is all about what we doing the time we have not the actual amount. In summation, school can be stressful, we should cherish family time, and it is all bout quality over quantity.

You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you don't share your intelligence, it is put to waste. As you can see, its not about the hours or the days. In order to fix the dent in our system, we can't Just put a piece of duct tape and call it a day. We have to investigate and connect the correct wires. These wires include such things like the school environment and students working to their full potential. We will get better in time, our system Just needs a few tweaks. Sincerely, Alexandra

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