Unit 207 Use Electronic Message Systems

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KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING QUESTIONS Unit 207 Use Electronic Message Systems Learning Outcome 1 | | |Learner’s Name xxxxx Signature | | | |Assessor’s Name Signature Date 31/1/12 | Learning Outcome 1 - Understand the use of electronic message systems

Describe the main types of electronic message systems The main types of electronic message systems are email, fax and instant messaging chat. Describe the different features of electronic message systems Emails come direct to your pc and are easily accessible. Fax machines send information electronically but relayed at the other end in paper form. Instant messaging chat pops up on the computer screen when you receive a message. 1. 3 Explain the purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date (ie why is it important)

Old emails take up space and should be deleted when finished with in order to free up space. Also, under the data protection act, we should only keep patient information for as long as it is needed so therefore it is important that once we no longer need the email, that we destroy it. 1. 4 Describe how to use an electronic message system to check and delete or discard messages Email systems work in different ways, when I get an email, my computer displays an envelope in the task bar area, plays a sound and also pops up on my screen to let me know that I have mail.

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To delete a message when I am reading the message, there is an X which I can click on and the message will delete, if I am in my inbox, I can highlight on the email to be deleted and right click to delete, to delete multiple messages I can click on the Ctrl key and highlight all messages to delete, then right click and select delete. 1. 5 Explain the purpose of leaving clear messages for others( ie why is it important) Leaving clear messages increases the chances of the email being opened by the recipient and read and understood.

If you use a clear subject for the email, the recipient will have an understanding of what the email is about and prioritise it. It is important that the opening sentence of the email is clear and specific so the recipient can understand and decide their course of action. It is also important to check the grammar and spelling of the email and not use abbreviations that the recipient will not understand. Do not use CAPITALS AS IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING. ----------------------- [pic]

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