Understanding the Real Meaning of Gender Equality

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Last Updated: 05 Jan 2023
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When you hear gender equality what comes to your mind, equality for the female, yea that true, but they have been various misconceptions about gender equality, have always want to believe that gender equality is always seeing women decisions and actions as been right, and providing them with opportunities, seeing women as the best and should be the first. But these as always been a one sided affair, most women who suffer assault from their husband are always been paraded by feminists has been right, without knowing the real gist of the story. Most women have caused their male counterparts trouble and carried out actions worth more than beating. It usually in nature for human to respond angry to certain activities and actions and since no one is perfect they give into this emotion.

We need to try and properly identify the women role in the society, and not create a false propaganda for them. The present feminists of the world try to create a box for woman to fit, yes women suffer a lot in the contemporary society, we have realize that this is a disease that we have to cure. Yea but we need provide proper medicine and not overdose drugs .the woman is a strong human, who is needed in the society and most importantly in the family. The woman should act as a team mate in the family, should be ready to take leadership roles, influence and work hand in hand with her man to achieve success. If a self-made woman marries and doesn't try and support her husband, but only seek for the head role, there is a problem and if the marriage fails it is her fault.

The woman needs to realize that the sky is not the limit but most importantly if you want to walk fast walk alone, but if you want to walk far, walk in groups. The woman needs to realize that she is an essential ingredient in the society, she need to know that she can create her own story. And doesn't need to fit to any box created by the media or feminist. The woman needs to

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educate her selves, find her purpose, and lead the society. In Nigeria, we have stories of great woman who led in all areas at home and the society, this woman designed their journey and created their path they include Queen Amina of Zaria, Funmilayo Kuti, Okonjo Ewela, Chiamanda Adiche, Dorcas etc. this woman made their own success.

We need to provide women with opportunities and not create propaganda, educate and not mislead, guide and not lead astray but most importantly we should not see gender equality as a one sided affair

The term 'gender equality' means the equal treatment of sex irrespective of their social or religious background. Gender equality should not always be a one side affair, it should be for both men and woman. men too deserve to be celebrated as they have a major role to play in the society, we must remember importantly when defining gender equality we should not always see it as a woman affair but we should try to create a balance, if everything is equal, then there is a problem, but if there is equity (fairness), then there would be prosperity.

Men need to also know they are also part of a building block in the society, they have right that also needed to be protected. The society needs to understand that they have to work

together to achieve success, the society and the media should understand that gender equality souldnt be for female alone but also for men.

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