Understand child and young person development

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Produce a report to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of differing theories of development. This report should identify how these theories have influenced current practice and include the following: Cognitive: Piglet's theory focuses on the ways in which children adapt to their environment. This is the process in which the child actively seeks out ways to understand the environment and gradually attunes too the conditions that's different type of environment impose. Pigged believed that children display qualitative preferences in their thinking as they mature and move through each period stages. Ђ Psychoanalytical- this theory has greater emphasis on the emotions and on personality . Sigmund Freud ,who's views on personality and motivation continue to invite controversy. One of the biggest problems with psychoanalytic theory is the inherent allocation of blame on parent-child interactions?more specifically, on the mother's actions. Fortunately, theoretical shifts have moved from a blame-the-parent del to more bidirectional, transactional, and international models of childhood differences.

Play therapy was the recommended form of intervention, with accompanying therapy for the child's parents. Psychodrama models continue to have an effect on education and intervention for children with special needs. Humanist- Moscow hierarchy of needs need to be met for a child to reach full potential take anything away from that and child might never reach their potential. This is taken into account daily with the child centered care and holistic approach to hill care and well being.

Practitioners need to look at the environmental factors such as warmth, food clothes as well as the psychological needs like promoting self esteem, and love. Social learning- Bandeau showed that children learnt through copying and observing, this can be applied today as if an early years worker with demonstrates an activity the child can learn to do it through copying. Or if a child has a good role model then they are likely to copy the behavior. But if they see bad behavior then they will copy the bad behavior

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