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Child and young persons development Persuasive Essay

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Understand the kinds Of influences that affect CYP's development Criteria Describe with examples the kinds of influences that affect CYP's development including d) background e) health f) environment 3ackground: The children I'll be working With Will come from a wide range Of backgrounds that will have an impact on their development, such as family composition, culture and beliefs etc.

If a child iS from a different culture or belief from most of the other children in the class, then here may be certain rules in that belief that may stop them being involved in a play activity the other children may be taking part in. The child may feel excluded and lonely their physical development could be affected but also their social development could be affected. Health: The children and young people come across may have a number of health issues or disabilities.

If a child has a disability that restricts them participating n activities this may have an effect not only primarily on their physical development but also their social development. To avod this, the child must be included as best they can and for them to feel valued. Also Is a child is from a low income family they may not nave the correct diet and nutrition to help them to grow. This may also affect their physical development. Environment: The main environments where a CYP develops Will be their school and home. Both at home and atschool if a child is nurtured and given time then they will develop faster and to a higher level.

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At home whether the CYP is cared for by parents. grandparents or arers then they will be the first people that the child will develop a bond with. Activities such as read too, and with them and letting them know that their opinion matters will help develop positive growth. A child that is sat in front of a computer playing games may not develop and learn key skills as quickly as a child that has lots of interaction with parents/carers, The surrounding area of the home and school can also have an effect. Their development will grow if there are libraries. arks, community centres for Sport and other activities. There they will interact With peer and adults developing a range Of skills. criteria describe with examples the importance of recognising and responding to concerns about children and young people's development. Recognising an Issue with a CYP's development Is Important and responding to any concerns is vital! If during work In a school I have a concern about a pupil's development I would first raise It with the class teacher. I may be asked to record my concerns In-case actions are needed to be taken later.

I would need to be sensitive to both the child's and their parent's teelngs and even It others have already raised an issue I should still intorm scrTleone senior in the school. An example that may tind of a child's development being compromised could be a pupil that is new to a school that struggles with English as they may have recently moved to the 13K. This could have an effect on not only their intellectual development through not being able to complete the work done in class, but also their social development. If the pupil has trouble

Child and young persons development Persuasive Essay essay

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