Tools and Technologies That Will Guide and Help Real Estate Sector To Reach Its Next High

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Last Updated: 12 May 2020
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The rapid pace of technological evolution is extremely pertinent to every individual, and our dependence on digital devices leads to a surge in the production of devices with mobility, such as smartphones and tablets, which allow us to stay connected at all times. Our daily interactions have become conjoint with technology and now dominates a large chunk of our professional transactions worldwide. Businesses are adapting to the constant variations in technology to keep up with market trends and demands. One of the most profound effects comes onus in the real estate sector.

The initial phase of technology development in the category, primarily focused around inventories for the residential side of the market, has cemented the base for technology to play a dominant role. Especially owing to the stiff competition, where one needs expert online and offline marketing skills to act as a differentiator from the rest.

Here are a few tools that will help you have an edge over competitors-

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Virtual reality has become a benevolent technological mechanism that is aiding sectors. Due to time crunches in this fast-paced life, allotting a separate time to view homes, properties and schools has become a tough task. Tech tools like Hyperlapse come as great help in such situations. Hyperlapse help agents build time-lapse videos, which are used to create impactful neighbourhood and property tours. Clients can view it from the comforts from their personal devices. This provides much assistance to those who have little time for property hunting in physicality.

Vocal References

 For any business, and especially real estate, reputation is crucial. With the vastness of mobile app technology, it has become easier to build an operational reputation. Clients often conduct internet-based research before accepting a contract with a service provider. VocalReferences aids agents to record the testimonials, ratings and reviews of past clients, upload them on their website or landing page, and share them across a broad spectrum of platforms. Working on both audio and video mediums, it easily collates all given testimonials, decreasing the time and efforts wasted by agents to get references together.



 Real estate tools are not solely about converting the sale. The fact that customers have life cycles, and these cycles continue after sale, should be kept in mind. Customer engagement is crucial, to mitigate a well-rounded relationship for further purchase. How well agents engage their clients after the sale, impacts their overall customer satisfaction rate.

Homekeepr is an application that is aptly made for the agents — providing the agents with past client’s maintenance reminders, so that they proceed on schedule with their upkeep. Alongside, this tool allows the agent to come up with a list of ideal vendors that they would endorse to their clients to carry out the maintenance services.

Cloud CRM

 Owning to the competitive environment many companies are using CRM software to synchronize and organize their sales, marketing and customer service. This software can be predominantly useful for realty companies in parameters of increasing sales, reducing costs, and renovating the customer experience within sales and rentals. This ability to assimilate and incorporate data, providing precise insight in regards to target market makes CRM a valuable asset for real estate organisations.

CRM software relies on data from multiple sources. Purchase history and demographic information are grouped through website registration and prior purchases. Data can also be acquired from different sources and clubbed with existing information. Social media sites are a rich source of data, utilized extensively for CRM data analysis. The results are then compiled by data warehousing and scrutinized to be used by consulting services.


Technology is enhancing the efficiency of Sales management in a sturdy manner and X-Showroom forms another jewel in the crown of a Sales Executive. X-Showroom is a tablet software solution which provides personal assistance for Sales executives in showroom. It collects all the mandatory information which a client requires from the Sales executive. The need to carry innumerable leaflet is rendered redundant through use of this tool. Alongside providing exact data, it carries product training sessions for the sales team, to decrease hassles of organising training camps. It includes features like Lead management, Product offerings, Activity management, Lead segmentation. Furthermore, it saves all the information on cloud, which can be accessed by anywhere- anytime.


 Technology for real estate fields will extensively evolve, and what we see twenty years from today will be significantly different from what exists now. Real estate professionals are increasing their awareness of emergent technologies. By enlisting the apt technologies, there is an opportunity to generate more revenue, leading to immense growth in the field.

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