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To Drill or Not to Drill

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To drill or not to drill; I say not to drill. Americans need to not be dependant on any other person for their energy usage. We moved to this beautiful country to assert our independence and yet we feel we have to bow down to other countries for what we need. I feel we should find other ways to get our fuel like ethanol. We can make our own fuel and even if it cost more we no longer have to fight for our fuel. We can make our ethanol from corn husk and not the actual kernel so it would not interfere with the increase of food prices. To many people ethanol is the choice and I agree.

There are other ways to get energy by solar and wind and water but they are not as popular and are more costly. Although, when used with the ethanol we can reduce greatly our dependence on other countries: which is what we should be doing. Solar energy is getting our energy from the sun. Solar powered businesses are one way we can help. Wind mills supply energy as well. Also, nuclear plants are another way to supply energy but it is not a popular way. I feel strongly against drilling for oil in Alaska and depleting our fossil fuels.

Not only do we disturb nature and its inhabitants but we need to find a better way to supply our energy needs. I know I am being biased and I am unsure how to change my opinion to see the other side for I feel we as Americans run on greed so many times and jump into what we need now and do not look at what the effects will be farther in the future. I need to look more closely at both sides of the picture but right now the cost of fuel is so much Americans are having to choose between milk for their children or gasoline to get to work. Maybe more people should go back to horse and buggies or ride a bike to work.

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