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Child Prostitution is a Boon Not a Bane- a Satirical Disposition

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Oh! What a fun! You would hear while entering into narrow dirty lanes of a small town of Thailand and you would be attracted by the men of higher disposition enjoying sex with young girls of not more than 10 to 12 years. It’s truly an enjoyment for not just locals but also tourists who are attracted and lured by these young girls who earn substantial revenue.

For the poor of the underdeveloped nations, child prostitution can be a good solution to earn revenue and reduce their poverty.

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If each family out of 10,000 couples can bear at-least five girls each and are offered in a sex trade for at-least 10 dollars for one man then each family can earn 50 dollars from one man alone, and suppose if luck is showering smile on them then one girl can even seduce five men in a day to enjoy her lustrous body and that would bring her substantial income to sustain whole of their life.

Child prostitution can become the most common economical indicator and can add to the National income of the society, which is already in a great dwindling state and is already in debt. Here the direct role of the government can substantially give a tremendous boost to the child prostitution.

Government can encourage the major players in the tourism industry like big hotels to give special tariffs in the form of young girls for the full enjoyment of single tourists who pay visit to their hotels and of-course with tax notwithstanding.

This would bring them good revenue. It is a very good proposal for both the hotels and the government alike. The investment that is being promulgated on the education of girls will cost more than the investment that will be levied on the girls to make them prepare for the entertainment of tourists.

The investment on the education of girls will only cost burden on the government’s exchequer without any substantial returns but if same amount of investment is levied on the girls to make them prepare for the sex traffic, then not only it would fill the government’s exchequer, but it would also fill the sexual and financial appetite of government’s officers. In short, government should legalize the child prostitution not only for the economic benefit of the children, but also for the benefit of their family and for the benefit of whole society.

Just imagine! So many people would be benefited from this prodigious proposition. Middle man who does the dealing of the girls, girl’s parents and their younger brothers who would get income for their studies, over and above it would maintain the traditional cultural of society whereby boys plays subordinate roles in the families. The standard of the living of the people would rise.

Times reported, “inexpensive Iraqi prostitutes have helped to make Syria a popular destination for sex tourists from wealthier countries in the Middle East. In the club’s parking lot, nearly half of the cars had Saudi license plates.” (Fertik, Online Edition)

In North America, country statistics reported 10,000 to 30,000 child prostitutes flourishing and majority of the approximate 10,000 children spending their lives in Toronto, Ontario are involved in the sex trade; yet another nation much smaller than America financially and in size seaming with military rule demonstrates sex trade among children in maximum number and ultimate beneficiaries are Burmese officials.

As reported by Guardian on October 2007, its military ruled Burma where military officials would not tolerate any pro democratic demonstrations by Buddhist monks but tolerate 13 to 14 year old girls performing catwalk in front of their customers at night clubs easily available for sale at the rate of $100. (Doyle, Online Edition) If it is happening every where then why not it begins to be promulgated legally and openly.

Sara, aged 20 years now is a rich girl with large fortunes and property at her disposal. Her occupation was neither modeling nor acting but prostitution in which she has been into since she was just twelve years, even though she is now affected with AIDS, and has been behind bars for four years and sexually exploited even by police officers, so what! At-least she is rich, has lot of money and luxuries at her disposal.

Still governments of various nations have made child prostitution illegal and are sorting out various ways to the control this trade. They are constructing houses for children and starting educational training for parents to protect their children from this safe trade.

But I would say by increasing the child trade would ultimately reduce it; as more of this trade would flourish, more children would get richer when they grow up and realize side effects resulting from this trade and would try to make their own children escape from the net work of this trade by educating them and making them more responsible citizens.

Underdeveloped nations are marked by the increase in disparity between the rich and the poor owing to corruption and the solution to its problem lies with poor families themselves. With the strength of their girl child, they can reduce this disparity by increasing their income to considerable degree.

The solution to the problem of poverty was also provided by Jonathan Swift in eighteenth century who like an expert fencer provided an ironical solution to the corruption and poor families of Ireland in his “A Modest Proposal”. To reduce the financial burden of the families, girl children are being sold to satisfy the sexual desire of the elite class; Swift with his powerful tool of irony wielded at the corrupt and the royal class most effectively yet with the most devastating effect.

Swift proposed the poor families of Ireland to utilize the children to raise their income level. He suggested that if the cost of feeding one child for one year is two shillings, and if after one year child is sold to the English landlords, it would bring them the profit of eight shillings and this money can be used for buying food and clothing to bear more children.

These children can become delicacies for the men of fortune. They can eat them as roasted or fried dish. One body of a child can be eaten two times and it would be the most delicious dish and nutritious too. The skin of children can me made into gloves for ladies and summer boots for their children.  He seems to be making a fictive character to express himself in the most contradictory manner to the real cause.

Child Prostitution is a Boon Not a Bane- a Satirical Disposition essay

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