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Title : the Affects of Temperature on Enzymes Activity

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Materials water baths test tubes, test tube rack , amylase enzymes, carbohydrate form ( flower or , potato), thermometers, indicator, stop clock, and protection (lab coat, goggles ). Procedure: prepare 6 test tubes with 10 cm of carbohydrate milk and misuse 5 cm of amylase enzymes in a cringe and add to test tube also indicator should be add and there is no catalyst in this experiments Place the test tubes on the water baths Water baths should be with fixed temperatures from 10 ,20,30,40,50,60,70 Start the stop clock as soon as the test tube in the water bath Keep an eye on the test tube till colour change is observed and the take the test tube out and tack time measurements.

Also, every temperature measurements should be done individually that the other tests to eliminate error (no one can be in 6 places at the same time ) Make a table and record the time taken to the enzymes to work and digest the substrate at each temperature individually. Draw a graph Make your conclusion based on the results Hypothesis:. the affect of temperatures on rate of typical enzyme –controlled reaction up to about 40c the rate increases smoothly, also a 10 degree increase of the temperature is accompanied by approximate doubling in of the rate of the reaction this is the normal temperature rule of chemical reactions in general, above this temperature, the rate starts to fall off then decline rapidly above 60 degree the rate ceases or stop completely.

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Explanation: increase of reaction why? Increases in the temperature of a system results from increases in the kinetic energy of the system. This has several effects on the rates of reactions, 1-the increase in temperature will increase the activation energy of a molecules there for it has more potential to react and change status Also the temperature will make the molecules move faster and as a result more collision will be possible per/minute . Enzyme’s activity stops why? Altogether and that is because of the heat changes the shape of the enzyme molecules preventing them from working ,this is called (denaturation ) in fact enzymes will denature and any.

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