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One of the best known films of all time, in my opinion, is “Titanic“. Directed by James Cameron in 1997, this film captured both my attention and my heart with the plot of a tragic event hand in hand with a love story with everything but a happy ending. He managed to combine TragedyThe real story behind this film is that of the ship of dreams also believed to be the unsinkable ship and its tragic journey to the ocean floor.

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The love story that caught all of our hearts is that of Jack Dawson and Rose. They’ve been brought together by this majesty boat from opposite ends of the spectrum in an era where status is everything.

Timing was also against them with the pressure of Rose’s engagement to Cal Hockley. Rose’s snobby mother Ruth Dewitt was also a major obstacle to their relationship from the beginning and insists on the marriage of Rose and Cal Hockley because of his inheritance. The story is narrated by aged Rose to a group of explorers who wanted to know more details about the wreck of the Titanic. The movie begins with the exploration of the sunken Titanic by treasure hunter Brock Lovett and his team. They are searching for a necklace called the “Heart of the Ocean“.

They believe the necklace is in Cal’s safe, which they recover. Instead of finding the priceless diamond, they find a drawing of a nude woman wearing the necklace, dated the same night the Titanic hit the iceberg, April 14, 1912. Rose Dawson sees the painting on TV and immediately contacts the explorers and tells them she is the woman in the drawing. Brock Lovett, being very interested in her story, brings Rose and her granddaughter Lizzy to the ship. When asked if she knows the whereabouts of the necklace, Rose recalls her memories in a flashback and brought us aboard the Titanic.

The story begins with Jack and his best friend, Fabrizio, betting everything they have on a game of poker for life changing tickets to board the Titanic, minutes before its departure. They win the tickets and head for America on what was believed to be at the time, mans greatest creation, the Titanic. Rose and Jack were part of opposite social classes on the ship. Rose being the part of the wealthy stayed in first class quarters while Jack being part of the third class passengers belonged in the bowels of the ship.

It wasn’t until one night that Rose was just fed up by the distress by the engagement and the pressure from her mother, that she come out to the dock and considers suicide. Seconds aways from reaching the point of no return and jumping, Jack comes from behind and talks her out of jumping. From that night on Jack and Rose develop a relationship of friendship with undeniable potential to be soul mates. Jack soon discovers the not so pleasant people of “high society,” and sees clearly why Rose is so desperate to break away from that world.

Jack was looked down upon by Cal, Ruth, and most of Rose’s acquaintances. It was long before Cal and Ruth forbid that Rose see Jack. Weighing out her options, Rose decides to defy her mothers orders and meet with Jack. She soon realizes that Jack’s world and Jack himself is an escape from her marriage to Cal. This leads to one of the best scenes, where Rose takes Jack back to her room and asks him to draw a portrait of her wearing nothing but the heart of the ocean necklace, an engagement present from Cal.

The same portrait that was found years later in Cal’s safe in place of the necklace itself. Afterwards, the two find their way to the ship’s cargo hold, where, for the first time, they make love. Perhaps one of the most steaming, lust filled scenes in movie history. After that scene Jack and Rose go up to the deck and experience what is going to change everyone’s life on that ship. The ship collides with an iceberg that the ships crew weren’t in time to prevent. They also overhear the crew speaking of the seriousness, so they get a heads up. They then rush to inform Cal and her mother.

But before Rose reaches her mother and Cal to warn them about the collision with the iceberg, Cal confronts her. He has found the sketch that Jack had painted of her. He then plots against Jack by dropping the necklace into his coat pocket and frames him for being a thief. Jack is then arrested, taken to a room, and handcuffed to a pipe. Rose, being lied to about Jacks action, is then left with no choice but to leave with Cal. Cal, Ruth, and Rose then rush to one of the few life boats on the ship to try and escape what they already know will be a deadly end.

As the minutes pass and the ship stands still on the icy cold sea water, panic on the ship grows immensely. As Rose takes her place in the lifeboat, she decides to leave Cal, he mother along with her safety and rejoin Jack on this shipwreck to be. Rose is racing frantically against the panicking crowds in an effort to fin and save Jack. She soon realizes that the deck she has to go thru is already a couple of feet underwater. Without hesitation, she continues and goes on to find the room where Jack is handcuffed.

The room quickly begins to flood; and without a key to set Jack free, Rose goes back into the hallways and finds an axe. After only a couple practice hits, she swings the axe down and cuts thru the cuffs. By the time they get back to the deck the ship is halfway underwater. They make their way to the lifeboats but they were only letting the woman and children board. Rose of course didn’t leave him the first and doesn’t leave him this time either. Moments later everyone including Jack and Rose are racing to the front of the boat and it rises higher and higher into the sky.

The ship now being in a 90 degree angle, Jack and Rose hold their breath as the boat finally goes underwater. After a few seconds of being separated they find each other in the icy cold water surrounded by fifteen hundred others shouting for help. They are hoping for the lifeboats to return for them. Meanwhile they come across this floating wooden board, buts it’s only big enough to sustain one of them. Rose lies on the wooden board and holds jacks hands and wait. Wait to die, wait for rescue, just wait. It gets quieter and quieter as the minutes pass, and finally one boat comes back.

When Rose realizes that there’s a boat, she tries to wake up Jack only find him lifeless still holding on tight to her hand. Definitely the saddest moment of the movie, this scene brings me to tears. Rose then blows a whistle she had taken from one of the already dead officers floating next to them. With nothing but just a memory of Jack Dawson, Rose survives that’s horrific night to grow old and live life like Jack said she would. Rose finishes her remarkable story, and that same night she reveals that she had this diamond all along and returns it to where she always thought that it belonged.

In my opinion of the most memorable scenes was the image of the thousands of people struggling in the ice cold dark waters when Rose came out of the water without Jack. I can picture it so vividly. Another scene that I remembered is where an old couple embraces each other in bed knowing that they were going to drown. The love scene in the car where the windows of the car are fogged up show the passion that Rose and Jack had for each other. Titanic is filled with the most impressive camera movements like the swooping motions around the moving ship which he uses various times throughout the movie.

They’re just breathtaking. Probably the most epic and mind-blowing camera moves were those during the collision and sinking of the Titanic. The way you see people falling from the ship slamming into the water, hitting the objects on their way down to the swallowing ocean, one character even hit the propeller. Before the movie hit the big screen, the press was trashing Titanic, mainly because the cost of this film extremely over budget. Well let me be one of the many to say that it was worth every single penny.

There is nothing I’ve seen in years that comes close to the power and glory of Titanic. Perhaps it’s because the movie was based on a real story. And, of course, it was a movie that contained drama, action, adventure and we cannot forget the romance. Titanic is also a symbol of a time when the movies swept you away in another world and kept you there. Even knowing what is to come at the end, your eyes will be transfixed. It’s that good. That’s why I believe this movie will be as popular and well known for many generation to come as it was the year it premiered and as recognizable as it is today.