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Threatening Forces

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Threatening forces are every where we look in life. Almost anything could be considered a threat in today s society. The poem by James Joyce, I hear an Army Charging Upon the Land, contains evidence of a threatening force. The threatening force in this poem is punk rock kids at a punk rock show. Threatening forces are very apparent in this poem. A prime example of one is when he says Arrogant, in black armor. He is talking about kids in leather jackets. It is there way of proving they are punk and it looks threatening.

Seeing people in leather jackets is scary, especially when society has trained us to think that black is a sign of. We have been trained to think that anything that stands out is scary and people in black leather jackets stick out like a sore thumb. Obviously, when James Joyce says in black armor, it is a threatening force of punk rock. Punk rock is a very firm theme of this poem that is supposed to be menacing. This is established when it says, Clanging, Clanging upon the heart as upon an anvil. This is saying how he feels that the chains that the kids wear are frightening.

He feels that the sound of their chains dangling together is intimidating. When people who wear chains run the often make a loud noise and if you wear more than one, which most people do, it makes an extremely loud noise which can be demoralizing. Clearly, the sound of the chains clanging together is a threatening sound. The people who listen to punk rock music are a reoccurring theme of peril. The threatening force of punk rock is extravagant when James Joyce says; They come out of the sea and run shouting by the shore.

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Threatening Forces

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This is talking about them after a concert and how they are rowdy. Them coming out of the sea is when they come out of the mosh pit, out of the sea of people. After this they are often rowdy with the little energy they have left over. They are talking loudly because their hearing was just blasted by the loud music. People who are in a really good mood and acting a bit rowdy are often seemed to be dangerous especially if they are yelling. Evidently, punks after a concert are considered a threatening force to society.

The poem, I Hear an Army Charging Upon the Land, is about the threat that punk rock supposedly puts on our society. Society is chained to its belief that anything different is threatening. Even though most of these people are not the least bit scary. It is hard to believe that, when the leaders of society, like the police, are always blaming the problem of on these types of people. Is punk rock really a threatening force in society or just a way that we have been brain washed to fear change and difference?

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