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A Contribution to the Economy Turning Into a Life Threatening Situation

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In this growing economy, where people are involved in a rat race for survival, there are times we do not realize that the deeds we are doing for the betterment of the economy could affect our lives. An example of such a scenario could be the toxic secretion of a leather industry into the sea.

Of course when we look at the leather factory, we consider that the leather that is being created in the factory will be further used in making goods such as shoes and bags which can then be exported to other countries for sale.

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A Contribution to the Economy Turning Into a Life Threatening Situation

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Such a description for the factory would mean that the factory itself has a fine intention of building the economy as a whole. However, what one does not realize is that the toxic waste which is emanating from the factory into the sea could cause a lot of diseases for those living in the vicinity.


In order to overcome this life threatening scenario into a less critical one would be by considering negotiation or mediation in the legal terms where the two parties may get together to reach an agreement. The only solution that may come in mind when in such a situation is to talk to the owner of the factory in order to convince about the difficulties being faced by the citizens. The citizens may also get together to from a public representation against the intoxication and approach the law making aspect of the country if a mutual agreement cannot be achieved between the two.


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