Thoughts on Light Pollution Based on Our Vanishing Night by Verlyn Klinkenborg

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Last Updated: 10 Nov 2022
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Our Vanishing Night by Verlyn Klinkenborg examines the health implications and other disturbances created by light pollution. Light pollution refers to the presence of excessive human-created light in the night environment. Klinkenborg points out that light pollution, despite being the most easiest pollution to be fixed, is not given due attention and is often overlooked.

A higher level of light affects the entire world in countless aspects especially reproduction, feeding and migration. A few excerpts from the essay can be instanced here where Klinkenborg explores the effects of light pollution. One study has suggested a direct correlation between higher rates of breast cancer in women and the nighttime brightness of their neighbourhoods. From vanishing of Horseshoe bats, hundreds of thousands of hatchling losses to early migration of birds that disrupts their nesting conditions, light pollution is an adversity for the universe.

Talking about myself, I find sleeping at night more comfortable than sleeping in daylight. During my sleep I prefer to keep the amount of light as minimum as possible, switching on just one Energy saving lamp. Working at night disturbs my routine and causes immense fatigue. According to American Psychological Association, 15 million Americans work a permanent night shift as a result they have to counter to the body's natural circadian rhythm. Modern experiments with light pollution has noticeably not affected me.

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In addition to that, Klinkenborg discusses how high levels of humans-installed lights can be controlled and the efforts made to terminate its effects. According to Wikipedia, possible solutions to light pollution include utilizing light sources of minimum intensity, turning lights off when not needed and improving lighting system.

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