The Survival Concept Compared in Animal Farm by George Orwell and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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Everyday humans strive for survival, and only sometimes they do. In the books Animal Farm by George Orwell, and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens both show that all individuals present, use strategies to help them with their survival among society.

Throughout Animal Farm, the main character, Napoleon is presented with situations that are necessary for survival. The first strategy in which Napoleon uses to survive is when he eliminates any sense of competition. For example, when Snowball starts to be seen as a threat to Napoleon, he trains the puppies to be vicious, and when Snowball starts to win over everyone he sends them after Snowball, running him off the farm. Permanently. Secondly, he executes the animals that step out of line. For example, Napoleon orders the death of any animal who has done him wrong, or had any relation to Snowball. This shows the animals that they should fear Napoleon. Finally, Napoleon's last strategy for survival would be trading. Napoleon uses trading for survival because doing so, shows Pilkington, and Frederick that he is serious about his status.

Though Napoleon has many cruel strategies for survival, they do have positive effects for him. First off, Napoleon gets rid of anyone who may threaten his superiority. This is proven when Boxer questions Napoleon about Snowball's award and Napoleon sends the dogs after him. Secondly Napoleons use of fear to ensure his own survival shows that he only cares for himself. For example, when the timing is right and the other animals are at their points, Napoleon takes that time to show them whose in charge. This is done by killing multiple animals. The final effect of Napoleon's trading would be the paranoia of the other animals and the impartial trust of the surrounding farmers.

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Survival strategies exist in many other novels. One of which is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This novel shows how the major charachter Ebenezer Scrooge manages to survive. Scrogge's first method of survival is to be cruel and isolate himself. For example he keeps to himself and interactes with people as little as possible. He pushes away anyone who tries to be close to him. Second of all, in an attempt to survive Scrooge becomes excessively greedy. This shows when Scrooge is visited by a philanthropist on Christmas eve asking for money for the poor and Scrooge turns him down stating that he will not help maintain the surplus population of London. Scrooge's last strategy is when he becomes content in bettering himself. For example, after Scrooge sees his own death, he pleads and promises to the Ghost of Christmas yet to come that he will change and live in the past, present, and future.

Just like Napoleon, Scrooge's tactics can be mean. Unlike Napoleon, Scrooge's strategies don't work in his favor a majority of the time. First-off Scrooge isolates himself and eventually he succeeds in becoming alone and making sure no one likes him. This is proven when the Ghost of Christmas yet to come shows Scrooge lying in his home; dead, with people taking his things and them saying that there must be food provided at his funeral in order for them to go. Secondly, Scrooge's greed was the cause of his fiancee, Belle for leaving him. It is shown by the Ghost of Christmas past that Belle leaves him, saying he was a different man before his wealth. Scrooge's last strategy has the best effect of them all. Scrooge transforms into a better person. Due to this transformation he sends the Cratchit's a huge turkey, gives Bob a raise, as well as the day off, and he goes to his nephew's, Fred's house for dinner.

On the surface of both of these novels, few may see that they share something similar. They are similar in the way that minor characters directly influence the main characters. For example, Napoleon is influenced to take control of things on Manor Farm by Old Major, while Marley, the Ghost of Christmas past, present, and Christmas yet to come influence Scrooge to better himself, or pay the consequences. These novels are more different than they are alike. The biggest differences between these books is how the major characters develop throughout the story. In Animal Farm, Napoleon starts out as an innocent boar, and he slowly turns into a fearful dictator.

This transformation takes place because Old Major tels the animals to make a change. Whereas when Scrooge changes he goes from an isolated old man to a man that is happy to be alive. This change takes place because the spirits show Scrooge that it's almost too late to change, and that if he does not then he will be doomed to the same afterlife as Marley.

Throughout these two novels both authors show the reader the main characters struggle for survival. Napoleon's strategies are cruel, they do work nonetheless. Whereas Scrooge's strategies are mean but occasionally meaningful though they are not always helpful. Both, Scrooge and Napoleon manage to survive the situations they are in. Napoleon survives his craving for power, while Scrooge survives himself and becomes a better person. Everyday humans strive to survive, and sometimes, they do not.

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