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The Step to a Civil Society as Mandatory Education

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A civil society is one in which its citizens all get along and are happy with their situations. Just about everyone has a job and knows their place in the society. There are three ways to assure this. They are make education mandatory, upon school graduation give everyone a job even if it is menial and make everyone equal, no social classes. This can only be achieved when a new society is being started.

The first step to a civil society is mandatory education. This is important because without education the members of the society would be ignorant. In school these people will be taught the basics - reading, math and how to write along with training for their future jobs. These jobs will be chosen by the age of 15 when every person is considered an adult.

The second step is upon graduation putting these people in the jobs chosen for them by the school teachers. Each job will be considered equal. For example a doctor is equal to a trash collector. This way no one will feel inferior to anyone and everyone will understand how important they are to the society. These people will not be paid for their jobs. Instead they will obtain things, like food, depending on how hard they work. The harder they work, the more food they receive.

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The last step is to make everyone equal. This way no one can object to the way things are run. Also there won't be any slaves or servants and there won't be social classes because everyone will be getting paid the same.

With these three steps any new society can become a civil society.It just takes the dedication of its people to get the job done.

The Step to a Civil Society as Mandatory Education essay

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