Should College Be Mandatory

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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As children we are presented or rather questioned on what we would like to be when we are adults. A smile appears on our face and a twinkle is can been seen in our eyes. They are but dreams, or fantasies that which we hope to achieve. To our dismay, life is not certain, nor is our future. As we enter adoclesents and into our teenage years, reality sets in.

We were faced with decisions that could have possibley affected our future to come. Aside from football games, pep rallies, and house parties, highschool can be fun, but stressfull all at the same time.It is then we are faced with yet another serious question; to attend college or not to attend college. College with out a doubt should be a goal or standard set by each and every individual: however, it is a choice and should not be frowned upon it was not in his or her future. For those who successfully earned a degree at an accredited college, will not hesitate to admit it was no easy task. It is through theatrical pictures or movies, t it is portrayed as ongoing beerfests and non-stop shenanigans.Alas, Hollywood fails to depict the true reality of a full time college student.

College last stretch to a brighter future. It would be the last step in order to achieve ones ultimate goal, a life that could only be described as picturesque. The very life of a star including an immaculate home, the ever popular sports car, swimming pool, and a bank account with no limit. Yes it is a life we all want, but in truth it is too far from reach. College

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