Physical Education Should Be A Mandatory Requirement

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Last Updated: 10 Oct 2020
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Some people think that physical education should no longer be a graduation requirement. Individual school districts may choose to offer that program or eliminate it as a requirement. I think that physical education classes in high school should be a mandatory requirement.

First thing that comes to mind would be teenage obesity, as big of a problem as it is, it is important that physical education classes be mandatory at all grade levels nationwide. The amount of obese youth has more than tripled in the passed 20 years. It is an obvious fact that physical education classes, when made mandatory, would help improve the physical health of the youth across America. It is important for the youth to learn how to properly keep ones self fit. In addition, by making physical education mandatory for all schools nationwide it will help make the students realize the importance of how a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.

On the other hand, a good reason why people might think PE shouldn’t be a requirement is because, for the students that don’t want to participate it would ruin the gym class for the student who enjoy and want to take PE. But still you need to keep in mind that it is a good deal that students should get a recommended amount of physical activity each day. If you make physical education classes not a mandatory requirement then students wouldn’t get that. And students could possibly become lazier and the rate of obesity could rise.

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In conclusion, I think that physical education classes in high school should be a mandatory requirement, because students need to participate in physical activities each day to stay fit, not become lazy, and stay away from becoming obese.

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