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The Search for Three Truths in the United States

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With the dream of liberty and the pursuit of happiness my family has immigrated halfway around the world, from Vietnam to America.

My parents fled to the United States, not for them but for the unending opportunities for their children. My parents have sacrificed their whole live for their children to have freedom and a bright future, regardless of any difficulties. My parent"s sacrifices are the motivation that pushed me to higher level of education because I acknowledge the amount of pain my family underwent by coming to the United States by extracting the maximum amount of knowledge in my undergraduate studies.

I felt overwhelmed when I left Vietnam for the United States because not only did I have to learn a new language, I needed to learn a new philosophy, one completely the opposite of what the communist had taught me. It wasn"t that hard to forget the corrupt philosophy and learn a new philosophy, but it takes time to learn a new language, especially during childhood. It was very difficult for a child to keep his native language and to learn a second language and expect him to fluent in both languages.

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So I struggled with the English language throughout my elementary and middle school, but I knew if I put effort into studying, eventually I would be able to overcome my language difficulties. I worked assiduously throughout my high school career and received almost straight A"s in Honors and AP classes. While I may not have had much opportunity for advancement or education in Vietnam, in the U.S I placed my education and future as my ambition.

My family fled to the United States with a dream to search for three truths: life, liberty, and happiness. We are very fortunate to find these "truths", however, along the way there were many hardships, difficulties and asperities. I am glad that these difficulties have occurred to my life because it made me a stronger person, a dedicated student, and person that has the capability of tacking problems to matter how great.

The Search for Three Truths in the United States essay

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