Feminism and Economic Struggle in A Doll’s House

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The theme of feminism as it relates to A Doll’s House concerns mainly Nora’sreactions to the alternate drives of so called domestic tranquility and the formulation of an effective identity that works outside of the domestic sphere.

The revelatory dilemma presented in the play also revolves around the economic situations Nora finds herself in, linking, as many plays of the era did, concern with money to moral action, depicting Krogstad as an immoral character and linking his moral action to Nora, as others including her father do, through the use of money.  “Nora, Nora! Just like a woman!

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But seriously, Nora, you know what I think about that sort of thing. No debts, no borrowing. There's something constrained, something ugly even, about a home that's founded on borrowing and debt” (Ibsen 149).  Mainly, from a feminist perspective, the revelatory dimensions of Nora’s decisions inform most of the work, in terms of her gradual shift away from the stifling domestic sphere towards a greater independence that is formed by an establishment of greater degrees of knowledge.  As she has more revelations as a character, Nora grows to a new awareness of what was previously hidden, and manages to put these changes into perspective.

Although it seems at times that she is overwhelmed, Nora is generally able to get over her knowledge and use the concealed information to some future advantage of her own.  Nora’s system of discovery is based on her early life partly, when she was alternately dependent on her father and then her husband.  She was sheltered by this transition and does not have a very good idea about the real world, but she also is cunning enough to negotiate for her independence, and the discovery of secrets along the way drives her towards this independence as a goal.

Ibsen, H.  A Doll’s House.  New York:  Penguin 1994.


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