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Last Updated: 08 May 2020
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Competing with the likes of Bodyshop and Clinique of the world is an Indian brand on the shelves of many wellness stores, Biotique. Entrepreneur unfolds the brand journey of this beauty brand of the 90s and what makes it relevant even till today.

Growing up in her grandfather’s tea plantations, as a child, Vinita Jain was always interested in knowing about the natural goodness of plants and herbs had to offer. She read a lot about Ayurveda. Her passion even made her fly to Switzerland to study Biochemistry.

To brush up her business skills she pursued MBA from Stanford. After coming back to India, Vinita formed a team of six Ayurveda doctors and Biotechnologists to do R&D on the products. Talking about the beginning, Vinita says, “In the beginning, it was a very successful brand, as it delivered varied results. For instance, products of Biotique when used are readily absorbed by the body. Consumers are aware about the natural ingredients and what’s best for human body. Biotique has always made highly efficacious and result driven products.”

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Founded in 1992, the brand has been creating awareness and making its way first overseas and then in India. As per Vinita, Biotique is a boutique that sells botanical extracts. It sells everything you need to stay healthy and beautiful.

Talking about the early realization on the path chosen by her, Vinita reminisces, “I was quite clear about it. We did a high quality R&D and got appreciation by Indian customers. There is no particular incident related to customer, but, I remember that we got instant appreciation when our product was launched in India and Switzerland.”

Sharing the initial response she got in the market, Vinita says, “The market was always interested in it because Biotique belongs to the intelligent society, which is very conscious about its beauty, skin and healthcare regimen. Biotique delivers high quality and result driven products. That’s the main USP of the company.”

Sharing more on the growth of the company over the years, Vinita adds, “We have been growing year-on-year. The company has been doing very well on an average 30 per cent growth has been something which we have been registering.” Even till today the brand promise remains the same, preserving the health and beauty for lifetime by using Biotique products.

Sharing her future plans, Vinita says, “We would be doing product extensions in the near future. But, at the moment, we are focusing on skin and body care products. We have recently launched special product line for babies. We have also done special tie-up with Disney for daily product line. We have also done a tie up for infants and kids’ products line.”

Talking about her next foray and if that happens to be in spas, Vinita informs, “Spa is not in consideration at present as the product line is going well. It is something we might get into in future. It is not immediately we are getting into.” Biotique is present in Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa with exports contributing 60 per cent of the revenues. Over the years, the company has grown through internal accruals.

Working on a model of distributors and retailers, Biotique ships its products to almost all the countries except Italy and few other countries. Biotique is available across length and breadth of India. The company is looking at expanding its exclusive stores, which happen to be eight right now. The brand has also gone online with its products being available across all major websites.

Keeping aside the worry of competition, Vinita says, “As a brand, we are growing well and growing profitably, that’s what matters the most.” Recently, the company tied up with Oyo. On joining hands with more startups, Vinita says, “Yes, in the coming times, we will be tying up with startups. Wherever we will sense an opportunity, we will grab it. Sharing three points for startups who want to get into overseas market Vinita shares, “I think the top three points are that the product should be of high quality, R&D and innovation. These are important for any international market penetration.”

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