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Social Studies Funk Queen of Manoa! Guess who was one of the most popular people in Manoa? Queen Elizabeth Kaahumanu of course! Kaahumanu was one of the most famous residents of all Manoa. She was famous because she made a big impact on Manoa! She was also the wife of Kamehameha; in fact, she was one of Kamehameha’s favorite (out of twenty-one!). In this article, I will tell you all about Queen Elizabeth Kaahumanu and her impact on the Manoa Community. In upper Manoa, she had a summerhouse. Its name was Ka Puka’oma’omao, meaning “the green gate. This makes sense because her house had a green gate and green shutters. The house had a blend of Polynesian and Western styles. In the book “Manoa: the story of a valley,” it says that the roof was probably thatched or peaked. (They don’t know but they are pretty sure it was. ) Kaahumanu had many friends and invited them to her summerhouse. Her house became a popular place to visit. The house is not there today, but the land that it was on is still there with nothing on it. If you go to Manoa Road and Oahu Avenue, there is a green overgrown path that leads to a tiny clearing covered with old hau trees.

Keep going on the path and you will find the land that Kaahumanu’s house, Ka Puka’oma’omao, was on. Kaahumanu was also known for a freshwater well. Her well was located close to her home. It was on Huelani Drive. The name of Kaahumanu’s freshwater well was Kawaihuelani, meaning “The waters of Huelani. ” People believe that moonshine, meaning, “ Part-lizard, part-woman being” is the guardian of the well. Kaahumanu also made a difference to one school, in particular, Punahou School. Kaahumanu ordered/suggested Boki (Oahu’s governor) and his wife, Kuini Liliha, to give the land of Kapunahou to Reverend and Mrs. Hiram Bingham. From there, they built a school, which became Punahou School. That is how Punahou came to be. After catching an illness coming back from a trip, Kaahumanu asked to be taken to her home in the mountains. She died in her home in Manoa. Manoa was a place she loved so that's why she came back to visit one last time before her death. I hope you learned a lot about Kaahumanu and her impact on Manoa. There are many things about her that I found interesting and I hope you found it interesting too! So now, to remember Kaahumanu as a queen and a resident of Manoa, think “Queen of Manoa! ”


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