A comparison of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Phillip II of Spaim

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During the late 1500s, there were two great powers fighting for superiority. Both King Phillip II of Spain and Queen Elizabeth I of England were contending for the greatest empire in the world. At that, both of these rulers were drastically different in how they carried out policies. One of the biggest policies during the time was religion. During this time, the church was splitting with the protestant sect. of Christianity taking Europe by storm.

Henry VIII formed the Church of England in an attempt to marry again, making the country protestant. This would cause a great sir in England as previously it was a catholic country and even a bigger stir when his daughter Mary tried to convert the country back to Catholicism. By the time Elizabeth took reign, she would make the country protestant but, very lenient towards Catholics. Phillip was drastically different when religion was concerned. His nickname was “The Most Catholic King” referring to his dedication to Catholicism. It would prove to be a great part in the reason why he would send his armada in 1588. Foreign policy was another difference between the two countries.

England had a policy of not interfering with foreign affairs unless it was against their interests. This policy includes aiding the Spanish Netherlands in a failed attempt to stop the Spanish and also financially aiding pirates to raid Spanish ships. Spain was mostly about preserving Catholicism in Europe. Some examples are a failed attempt to help the Guise family route out the Protestants in France during the French civil war and even more notoriously was the disastrous 1588 Armada, losing two-thirds of his navy.

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This would definitely mark the end of the Spanish being the greatest empire in Europe. By the end of both King Phillip II of Spain and Elizabeth II of England, Europe would be greatly changed. Spain would no longer be the greatest super power of Europe and England would start its rise to power.

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