Marry, Queen of Scots

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Marry, Queen of Scots Do you know the story about the queen of scots who suddenly become a prisoner of England? Maybe some of you dont know yet about this story, maybe you can take a look at google or other site. This book raised the real story that summarized information based on events that occurred both in Scotland, England, Spain, and France. This story begins in 1561 when Scotland was still a free country. The main character this true story is Marry. She was Queen of France, but she was also Queen of Scots.

Her first husband Francis was the King of the France state, while the title of queen of Scots was born earned a degree from after his father died as King of Scotland. After that, Mary was married to Henry Darnley, her second husband who is a character that is not good like the drunk and philandering love to another woman, and is jealous. This story has a sad climax as long as 20 years in prison even though England didnt visit her son in prison when he was a close friend of the Queen Elizabeth. To improve relations with the Queen Marry with her son, James.

Marry before he died, then write a letter that explains the real story about what had happened with his father, Henry Darnley. A letter was entrusted to Bess Curle. Mary is very sincere in accepting the decision of the Queen Elizabeth which will execute him. And he’s very sure of the religion which he believes is a Catholic. until the end of her life. The lessons can we learn from this series is a true story of a Queen’s determination to keep his faith and take back what he owned, and the sense of high responsibility.

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This is evidenced by a letter written to James. In our lives should not be influenced by other people, it is much less negative impact that could endanger others. These books must be read by all people, like student, general people because it is not age restricted. Structure of sentence aranged with systematically and used vocabulary that allows us to understand and translate a sentence per sentence contained in Book story. In reading this story is not boring because the plot strung together in sequence. Reza Yusuf Haryono 20100140003

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