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This is a short story written by Budge Wilson name “The Leaving”. At the beginning of the story, the narrator of the story who is a 12 year old little girl named Sylvie is suddenly woken up in the early in the morning by her mom. On the other hand, her mom who is a housewife named Elizabeth asked her to get ready for a trip but she is too lazy to wake up since it's a Sunday morning. So her mother forces her to wake up and get some clothes together. Once she is ready they leave and begin walking towards town, Sylvie was very curious and began to ask questions about where they were going but her mother did not answer.

They then hopped on a train and made their way to Halifax, but Sylvie had not known yet. On the train she was still asking questions and Elizabeth was still not answering. They finally arrived in Halifax and they first went to a cheap hotel room, Sylvie thought that the place was amazing just because of the simple things like running water. Elizabeth had already planned what they were going to do here in the big city, so they set off. They went around town, and wound up at the university Elizabeth told Sylvie all about it.

They returned to a dirty house filled with dirty dishes, as soon as they walked in the door Lester Elizabeth’s husband demanded she do the dishes, not calling her Elizabeth but only calling her women. Once she was fed up with it she stood up for her self demanding that she be called her name and that the boys help with cleaning, and also to be respected. Sylvie saw all this and knew there is a better way to live your life so she went on to university, and is living a good life.

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