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Leaving the Nest of School

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Going into college one of the main thing I looked forward to was moving out of my parents home. I always thought how cool it would be to be on my own and to have no one around to tell me what to do or when to do it. In fact “leaving the nest” is an actual term. “Leaving the nest or moving out refers to the notion of a young person moving out of the accommodation provided by their guardian, fosterers or parent.

Such a move can be motivated by various factors, including a desire for independence, the discovery of a more viable location and/or practicality. Some cultures actually view leaving the nest as one of the key milestones in the transition from teen-hood to becoming an adult besides obtaining employment and getting wedded”.

This is one of the first transition you’ll make so of course it can be scary. Your basically on your own with the exception of having roommates. For most, your parents raise you so they cook, clean, do your laundry etc. Now your out on your own trying to figure out how to make a way. This was probably one of the biggest challenges for me.

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I remember after spending all day in class I would want to come home to a nice home-cooked meal and just go to bed. Well reality sure came knocking on my door, the only home-cooked meal I would be eating is one I cooked. Going off to college can cause a little anxiety so I have found ways to lessen the homesick feelings.

For starter, get a couple of pictures of your family, friends, pets, anything that you will be leaving behind that will be greatly missed and frame it. Put these pictures all around your room, so you have constant happy memories with people you love the most,. Surprisingly, when I had a bad day these pictures lifted my spirits.

Even if you have s special stuffed animal, pillow, bring it with. Make your new apartment more homey so that you feel like your at home while staying there. Another important thing is make time to talk to your family! I would talk to my grandma once a week and FaceTime my mom every night while away in school.i sent my parents college shirts from the school I was attending and once they received them they sent me pictures.

This was one of the best feelings, talk about feeling proud! If you had certain traditions at home it’s also fun to try to recreate them in college. Another important thing is to invest in you. When I say this, I mean to stay focused on what’s important like school but also be open, you’re going to meet new people and discover new passions.

Use this time away from home to open up, discover the world in a different view them before. These things really helped me keep my mind off of the fact that I missed my parents so dearly. Staying active which you sure will be from homework alone will also help distract you. “Remember, your parents miss you as much as you miss them, but they know this is a wonderful time of growth and a new sense of respect. Also, Have fun celebrating your adulthood while you’re learning away from home!” (BedVoyage) .

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