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The Effect of Computer Technology on the Academic

The Constructivist Approach Constructivist This approach represents a combination of both genetic pre-programming and environmental adaptation or experience where the child actively constructs a version of reality from his/her unique experiences.The process of constructing knowledge is an active one (going out and interacting with the environment and constructing it yourself).Learning is a function of the natural and continual variability in the world and variable action upon it.

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Constructivist would argue that in a school class not all children learn the same thing.

The important thing for educators is to ascertain what each child knows and then plan learning programmed for each child or follow the hill’s lead. Conflict Fourth (1995) recognizes the importance of learners actively constructing their knowledge as suggested by the theoretical viewpoint of constructivism. Looking at children’s conflict (which has its roots in Paginating thinking (Littleton 1995)) and disagreements (where children consider the other’s point of view), Fourth (1995) concluded that children’s disagreements: can be viewed as a legitimate source of collaboration; can be both constructive and productive in the learning process. Appear to hold an important role in active learning.

Thus, by seeing an alternative way of tackling a problem, each individual makes cognitive gains which can subsequently influence problem solving. All three constructivist theorists, Pigged Weights and Burner, agree that the child is both determined and a determiner of knowledge and understanding. However, they place different emphasis on the direction of the relationship. [contents I CLC home page I references ] The Effect of Computer Technology on the Academic Performance of Based Students By Conrad

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