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Computer Education Technology

Back to the 1940s, the modern electronic computer was developed at U.S.universities; however, in the year, there was no computer education yet.It needed more 10 years to have computer education.

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The period of the computer revolution was 1950 in the U.S.. Computer education began in the middle of the 1950s with an organized body of knowledge. Also Japanese the teaching of computer science has been developed in the same period. During 1955 to 1959, some universities developed their own computers. They organized short courses.

Computer technology comes from the U.S. to Japan. Usually a technology is developed in the U.S.. After that, it comes to Japan so Japanese computer education is late at all and most manuals are written in English so it is easy to lean computer for people who speak English; however, most Japanese people who live in Japan cannot understand English so they have to translate English to Japanese to understand the manuals. It needs much time.

Usually Japanese universities teach computer to students in Japanese so students have to study not only computer but also English when they try to use computer even if they can use Japanese operating system. For example, the command of the computer programming languages are written in English so Japanese students have to have dictionary their hand, therefore, some students stop learning it. It is so hard for Japanese student.

In the near future, computer technology will be needed and important for not only students who want to be programmers or engineers but also general Japanese people so Japanese computer education has to find their own computer educational system so that people who have no computer knowledge can learn it easily.

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