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Technology Computer Science

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The relation of technology with Humanity has countless and often unpredictable outcomes and effects on today's society. The smartened is a prime example of the advancement of technology and its an attraction to humans. Cellular devices such as the smartened went from the classic buttons to the more common touchstones. And when people might have began thinking that that was the farthest a phone could be technologically advanced, they were proven wrong again! Now Humans only have the unique and quick option to instead type a text to communicate and array out actions, we now have the unique option to instead use voice guidance.

Technology and Humanity

A Positive Side Technology has done nothing but good for the Human race since the beginning Eng of time! Positive effects technology has on society include Education, transportation, should and Industry, Exchange Of Information, Advertising and Entertainment, Cellular C immunization and countless more. Technology influences many other aspects of our lives; d erectly and indirectly. Simply put, technology is almost a necessity in today's society. Where would we be as a people without technology? This question can only b e answered with disaster.

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Technology gives mankind a sense of direction and guidance and without it, almost everything we take for granted today, would be a struggle without the gift that t is technology. Complications and problems that would exist without the presence of techno ago could include minimum communications, drastically slower Transportation, Limited Connect actions, Knowledge and even Education! For example, there are key pros of Technology with concerns to Education. Wi the Technology and Education hand in hand, technology further enhances people's (student's) interests about School in general.

For example, being engaged with their less ones by being occupying themselves with virtual field trips and video tutorials. With Technology and Humanity, there are endless positive possibilities that AR discovered and developed in everyday life. For example, www. Academia. Deed's article discusses numerous success between the two, "Technological advancements have show n a substantial growth concerned with each and every field whether it be the communication systems, astronomy, semiconductor devices, automobiles, electronic devices of daily u sage, belletristic vices, building and architectural design techniques or the computers".

The pros may seem endless, however, there are cons as well. Advancement in Technology: A Darker Side Where there are upsides to a situation, there are downsides. With technology, there are without a doubt cons when it comes to their relationship with Humanity. This "Darker Side" of technology includes major reliance on technology, the abuse of technology, a ND the time consuming effects Of technology. Technology is a wonderful things, and Humans love using it, whether they're c amputees, tablets, phones, and even television. However, this can become highly addict eve and cause Humans to be "too" actively engaged with technology.

Due to this, we become so busy and distracts us from spending time with loved ones and even doing everyday cacti pities. Society has developed a major dependence and reliance on Technology. This can cause us to lack patience, and even a willingness to act before we think. For example e, we can become inpatient in slight situations, such as waiting for speedy responses to our Emma ills, texts, and calls. This major dependence on technology can negatively affect us in situations w ere we need patience and even do something ourselves without the use of technology.

Weapon Engineering

Technology and Weapon's are one in the same. But many will ask the control reseal question, is it for a good or better worse cause? Believe it is for both. Weapons are useful; even a need in most situations. Womb. Academia. Due state "Nevertheless, weapon incorrigibleness and provides a huge advance. Rive Larry between the countries may also be ascribed to technological advancements, as the country sees compete for the development of new warfare techniques and equipments". This is a huge plus because weaponry is not only local, for example, a robbery or house invasion. It is worldwide!

Etc homology advances weaponry everyday, and they are required in even the biggest of sit cautions such as War. Weapons, on the other hand obviously could be a negative thing. Vow. Aced aim. Due states "Nevertheless, weapon engineering propels and provides a huge advance CE. Rivalry between the countries may also be ascribed to technological advancements, as the coo entries compete for the development of new warfare techniques and equipments". This quote high hilts the issue of he possibility Of full on world warfare, all due to the greediness and competition venues of countries too have the latest and strongest weapons.

Quite honestly, its only a matter of time when they will be used; this should not be a possibility whatsoever. However, this is the problem that weapons/ technology pose on the world today. Artificial Intelligence: What is Artificial Intelligence? According to www. W. Merriment's. Com, is is" 1 : an area of computer science that deals with giving machines the ability to seem like the eye have human intelligence 2: the power of a machine to copy intelligent human behavior". Believe it or not, there are many reasons to like and dislike Artificial Intelligence.

Albert Hubbard once said, "One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary me n. No machine can do the work Of one extraordinary man". This is true without a do but. Artificial Intelligence is used everyday to the benefit of mankind. With that being said, t here are numerous benefits of Artificial Intelligence. For example, accomplishing tasks without getting tired. An example of this is getting a specific objective or task completed without taking breaks such as a lunch or coffee break. In summary, Artificial Intelligence can get a job done al most instantly, compare to that of humans alone. The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that m en will begin to think like computers" is a quote stated by Sydney J. Harris. It is quite accurate. Despite the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, there are key disadvantages to it. What if the Artificial Intelligence were to break down? If you were performing a task, such as transfer erring money from one device to another, it could all be gone in an instant. Ironically, just as easy it is to complete a ask with Artificial Intelligence, it IS as easy for an entire task to turn into nothing Eng. Sadly, there are numerous other cons to Artificial Intelligence.

There is also the e possibility of losing countless amounts of information  further explains, "In particular cases, because of the malfunction of specific parts, artic facial mind can fall short to keep its memory all the files which it must have. This thing can also o occur with humans. Once a person is liable of the keeping of information and collection of data an d fall short to do he job, it is somewhat that is accepted and frequently branded as your mists eke- On the other hand, with artificial mind it is not assumed and this really makes the entire did preference, in the end making it an issue.

Artificial intelligence or computer system requires to be s witched off on a daily basis for work maintenance. This could be a restraint to output and office once as well as to the whole interests and benefits of the company in question". Artificial Intelligent once is truly a Wild Card in its possible outcomes. Medical Technology: Medical Technology, according to NNW. Wisped. Com is "Medical Technology, which is a proper subset of health technology, encompasses a wide range of healthy are products and is used to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases or medical conditions affecting h unmans".

Medical Technology is a positive side of the relationship between technology and hum Anita. This deals with the improvement of human health, and this is key to society. People will continue to gets, hurt and injured. The field isn't going away anytime soon. Medicine is the Holy Grail of human health, and without it people would not s reeve. Medical Science is extremely beneficial, "Research in the field of medicine has allowed for the development of many new treatments, drugs, medicines, and solutions that heave allowed for the dramatic prolegomena of the human lifep. As stated by www. Academia. De u. Due to the advancement and development of Medical Technology/ Science, human life ps are expanding and people are living longer and happier lives because of it. Nuclear Technology: Nuclear Technology is a very debatable topic. Nuclear weapons, nuclear media cine, and nuclear power are among the many applications Nuclear Power can be used f or. One of the most controversial being Nuclear Weapons. However, when determining an opinion on this topic, it should be determined from a standpoint of the people as a whole, rather that n individually.

A positive aspect of Nuclear Technology includes Nuclear Medicine. Nuclear M educing diagnoses diseases, x rays can identify sensitive parts of the body when identity faying a disease, physicians can perform their operations easier and more responsibly due to Nuclear Medicine. Nuclear Power is another positive for Nuclear Technology. Nuclear Power is c noninsured as another great source of energy, and it is a manageable source of regenerate energy. However, there are numerous downsides to Nuclear Technology. Although Nuclear Power can be positive, some negatives sometimes outweigh it.

Nuclear Pope r produces radiation, which can lead to cancer in Humans and almost everything about N clear Power is expensive. Www. Half-heartedness's. Org states that "Research in the field of medicine has allowed for the development of many new treatments, drugs, medicines, and solutions that have allowed for the dramatic prolegomena of the human lifep". Lastly, there is the issue of Nuclear Weapons. When used, Nuclear Weapons are highly dangerous. The RI sky of human life when these weapons are used are great.

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