The Different Methods of Studying Used by Students

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Last Updated: 18 Dec 2022
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Studying is an absolute must if you are in college. If you are not studying, the chances of you receiving good grades and passing your exams are significantly decreased. Studying is not just memorizing your notes and textbook, you also have to actively learn what you are studying. Every student has their own method of studying. Some methods students may use to study are: Reviewing notes, rereading textbook passages, sitting in a quiet place, using a study guide, and using flashcards.

Studying is not only memorization, but also learning what you are reading. In order to do that, you can't just skim through your textbook and summarize what you just read. You have to actually understand what you are reading. When a reading may seem tedious, I try to make myself interested in what I am reading. When you are interested, you will understand the text much faster and more intuitively than if you consciously try to get it done as soon as possible.

If I know my exam will be multiple choice, I use flash cards. A study guide is often given to students before the exams. I simply write the study guide questions on the front of the flash card, and the answers on the back. I write the page number, of where the information is located in the textbook, on the backside as well. I do this to quickly flip the textbook open to that section and reread the information to understand why I got the answer wrong.

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Taking breaks is an important part of studying. Don't attempt to store every single bit of information into your head at once. Every 20 minutes, I take a five minute break from studying and think about what I just read to let it sink in. I try not to rush, as that only leads to stress, and stress will only lead to bad studying.

When writing essays, I try to imitate the writing styles I read from internet articles and forums. It is better to learn from someone whose job is to write professional texts than someone who isn't as experienced. Students should read more writings from professional writers. The more you surround yourself with professionally written texts, the more your own writing will improve.

The methods of studying is different for every student. Many can read and memorize information, but that is not a very efficient way of studying. I study by being interested in the subject, which in turn, greatly helps with learning about the topic. Using flash cards is also very useful when studying for multiple choice exams. I don't take in too much information at once and I take short breaks. I also read what professional writers put on the internet, which helps evolve my writing style. These are the methods that I use to study and they have served me well.

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