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An Overview of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Patient and the Different Methods of Therapy

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John Smith is a 25-year-old male with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Aside from having OCD, he is a fairly healthy male, with a long living family. He has a moderate number of friends, with a few close friends. He and his family are on positive terms; he does not take drugs, has a normal life and copes well. These He has persistent thoughts, those that provoke anxiety, which will not go away. thoughts are known as obsessions or urges. Generally, he will want to perform an action repetitively. His action, specifically, is to always make sure that things that are similar, become as - close to - identical as possible. He does not really have an obsession to do anything else, just rearrange/make identical the items in front of him. The items are not limited to paper; they could be any item. Say there is paper in front of him, he will make sure that they are perfectly stacked and that there is no discrepancy in the color/shading of the paper. He tries to stop doing this when he feels the will, but the urge is usually too strong. Whenever he senses something is wrong, it hurts him on the inside and he does whatever it takes to fix it, even if he must rewrite a 20-page essay on a different colored paper. When looking at children, boys are more likely to have OCD occur in their childhood than females.

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However, it is equally common in both men and women. When patients with OCD do the tasks that they feel obliged to do by their OCD, they feel their anxiety relieve slightly. While some patients with anxiety have fears of being hurt or a fear of germs, John simply has the obsession to compulsively arrange and to make items appear identical. OCD can be treated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Another method is the traditional talk therapy, but it is recommended to use toe Cognitive Behavior Therapy first because it is shown to be the most effective (Cognitive Behavior Therapy). CBT is based on Exposure and Response Prevention. Essentially the people are presented with what they are obsessed to react to, and they are told to not react to it. For this to work, the person with OCD must be committed (Cognitive Behavior Therapy). Antidepressants also help OCD. Due to the fact that depression is often caused by OCD, both depression and ODC can be treated with the antidepressants (Medicine for OCD). Of course, there are also side effects to each drug that can be taken as treatment. Each medicine has its own side effects. The medicine should be taken every day at constant level, they should not be taken only when the effects occur.

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